first_imgWellness programs are on the rise in the workplace because ‘a healthy employee is a happy employee’, right? While this statement may be true- the statement ‘a healthy employee means lower company health costs’ should receive credit for increased wellness initiatives as well.Employer group health plans sometimes are a company’s largest cost, and the recent changes with the Affordable Care Act have employers rethinking their benefit packages to create a new, more compliant plan. Wellness initiatives can keep employees healthy and out of the doctor’s office, which keeps premiums lower. But don’t wellness programs cost money too? It has been estimated that mid- and large-size employers spend hundreds of dollars per each employee on wellness programs, which is a significant increase from wellness spending even as recent as five years ago. There is not much data indicating the effectiveness in the increase of wellness spending, but employers are keeping their fingers crossed that the longevity of these programs will result in some eventual return on investment.It’s hard for employees not to get excited when you hear about new workplace initiatives like smoking cessation classes, weight management resources, ergonomics education and more. Many companies have even partnered with Weight Watchers, local yoga studios, and other programed resources  to offer employees a more convenient way to participate in lunchtime meetings and fitness classes. One of my company’s most popular wellness initiatives to date is a steps competition that encouraged employees to record their weekly steps as a team to eventually learn the distance around the state they had walked over the entire competition. Team-centric wellness participation has increased at our office, so we will keep the activities coming in order to keep employees enthusiastic and engaged!Research indicates that corporate wellness plans could provide specific advantages to the workplace outside of directly impacting the bottom line. For instance, wellness programs increase employee job satisfaction as well as decreases absenteeism and stress. These benefits don’t directly save money, but there are indirect savings since employee turnover and absenteeism is costly in itself.Thought for the reader: What strategic, wellness initiatives has your workplace implemented in the past couple of years? Have you noticed an increase in participation for those activities?The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my current employer.last_img read more

first_imgGood Morning. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.Welcome to the 14th edition of India’s finest festival of ideas and arguments.What a year it has been. Full of great upheavals. Astonishing victories. And astounding comebacks. In the long-running soap opera that is Indian democracy, this has been a year of chills, spills, and assorted thrills.We have witnessed a one man demolition squad. He first demolished the old guard of his party and bent it to his will. He then went on to diminish the Grand Old Party to a point where it could not even be recognised as the official Opposition. I think you know who I am talking about. Mr Narendra Modi.In my 40 years of journalism, I have not seen such a relentless high voltage election campaign as that of Modi’s 2014 general election. It was a lethal combination of digital warriors with RSS foot soldiers. The maximum campaign got maximum results. After 30 years, a clear mandate to one party.I believe this mandate was for Development, not for Divide. For Empowerment, not for Appeasement. For Performance, not for Preaching.It was a welcome change for a country which for the last 5 years had been tormented by a flood of scams, scandals and declining rates of growth while the leadership remained in a comatose state. India breathed a sigh of relief.The politics of despair, had been replaced with the audacity of hope.Prime Minister Modi has hit the ground running with his vision and the direction he wants to take the country. I believe it’s the right vision.With 270 million still below the poverty line, raising their standard of living has to be the topmost priority for any government. Modi’s approach is poverty elimination through economic growth and not poverty alleviation like that of the UPA. This can be done only by the creation of new jobs. With one million coming into the job market every month, this is a huge challenge. The only way to tackle this is to fix our fundamentally lopsided economy.India employs 49% of the labour force in agriculture while it contributes only 14% to our GDP.  These ratios have to change if we are to become a developed country and eliminate poverty. We have to make agriculture more productive and provide jobs for the resultant surplus labour in industry. The contribution to GDP of industry has to improve dramatically from the present 26%.Quite obvious actually. But not previous government has given it the thrust and focus like the Modi government.This is where the Prime Minister’s ambitious “Make In India” programme fits in. But many programs have to precede it. It means the creation of physical infrastructure and skilled human capital. Smart cities naturally become part of this scheme.How do you build a 21st century India with 19th century roads and railways?How do you actually realise the demographic dividend if young men and women do not have the right skills for the right jobs?  These are some of the issues we will discuss at the Conclave with all the stakeholders.The budget was path breaking, in that it reflected some change in mind-set. The change being that the government is not the be all and end all of everything. Limiting the unproductive doles which were the hallmark of the previous regime and setting the ambitious target of 69,500 crore Rupees for disinvestment was a reflection of this change. It was a recognition that government management of business enterprises is often the kiss of death.The test will obviously lie in implementation which is where most governments flounder.As for me, I am like Oliver Twist. I want more.I believe government should not be involved in banking, insurance, hotels, transport, mining and energy. You get the drift. The day the government puts Ashoka Hotel and Air India for sale as signature acts, is when I will truly believe that the bureaucrats and the politicians are serious about letting go.The other big change that has happened somewhat as a happy coincidence is the acceptance by the government of the 42nd finance commission where 42% of the taxes receipts will go to the states. This is a very fundamental change in our federal structure. It will not only change the economic policies of the country but the political landscape too. The abolition of the Planning Commission has put an end to the Centre’s dominant role in allocation of resources to the states.I welcome this as the states have a much better idea of their needs. But at the same time, the financial management of most states needs to be strengthened. Sadly, I predict that the next bunch of major scandals will come from the stateThat apart, Modi has shown as Chief Minister of Gujarat that development undertaken by the states can be very effective. They are the building blocks for the future growth story of India. We have for you tomorrow night the Chief Ministers roundtable of 6 chief ministers from major states across the country. Their power comes with a heavy responsibility for all of us.As I said, though, the vision is grand and the direction is right but getting the job done is another matter. The Government for all its right ideas is facing heavy weather in Parliament in getting its agenda through. The Opposition is doing to the BJP government exactly what the BJP did to the UPA. Unfortunately, the chickens have come home to roost. I often wonder when this cussedness will go out of our politics.In fact, in some way Modi is the victim of his own success.Modi’s reduction of a national party like the Congress to a Bonsai party has meant that the BJP has to deal with many smaller regional parties who are far more parochial in their outlook. We have in fact a session tomorrow of eminent opposition leaders titled: Size does not matter.Alongside, these major changes at the Centre, the beginning of 2014 saw the birth of a new kind of politics in the capital.The story of Arvind Kejriwal, whether you like him or not, is a tribute to Indian democracy. To create a party from nowhere in virtually a year and to cock a snook at the mighty BJP. Incredible. The fact that the party is splitting right now is another matter. Happens to most Indian parties. We would have loved to hear from them at the Conclave but I think they are somewhat preoccupied.Just to complete the year of surprises, only last month the never-before alliance in J & K between the nationalistic BJP and the self-rule advocates, the PDP, would have been an unthinkable political coupling. As we are discovering, they make for strange bedfellows. But if it works, it could be a unique opportunity for peace in the Valley. You will be hearing from one of the major architects of this unusual alliance.It is for all these reasons that the Conclave this year is mainly focussed on our domestic scene.Whose politics could be more fascinating than what happened here last year.Our land of a million mutinies has become a land of a million possibilities.However, as we all know, no nation can survive in isolation. The prime minister has made sure of that. He has visited 10 countries since he took over and has shown extraordinary pragmatism — whether it is signing a long-stalled nuclear agreement with America or unblocking the WTO talks. India has shown a remarkable skill at negotiating its place among the high table of nations, leaving behind the baggage of the past.To reflect on our place in the world, we have for the first time a panel of 7 ambassadors of leading nations of the world.No one can live in peace if one is not friendly with your neighbours.  So it is with countries.  India – Pakistan relationship is an unending rollercoaster saga which has tested many leaders on both the sides for decades.Hopefully the post-independence generation of leaders will resolve our long standing disputes so that we can prosper together. We have with us at the Conclave one of Pakistan’s most articulate diplomats and one of India’s most experienced strategic advisors to discuss our prickly relationship. We also have our defence minister and former army chief who will tell us exactly how secure our borders are. And what is needed to upgrade our Armed Forces.A little further away from us is Afghanistan – a country in a permanent state of war for over 3 decades where a remarkable democratic experiment is underway. With American troops withdrawing, there is an air of uncertainty hanging over Afghanistan. What happens in this country affects the whole region.  We are, therefore, fortunate to have the CEO of this war torn country to tell us whether they can hope for a lasting peace.And just a little further away from Afghanistan, a new kind of terror threat looms large. It is world’s new nightmare. Heavily armed, liberally funded and well organised to the point where it even publishes an annual report of its terrorist activities. Instead of financial numbers, it has body counts. At the Conclave, you will hear about it from one of the world’s leading experts on ISIS from Princeton University, two former hostages and Afghanistan’s former head of the directorate of security.No conversation at the Conclave can be complete without what completes India — its soft power.A young woman who first came to India as a naive model more than a decade ago will tell us how she became a superstar who has many blockbusters to her credit.One of the world’s foremost gurus will share secrets of ageless living and timeless thinking.A grandmaster of chess will show us the moves that made him invincible.And one of the world’s brightest young mathematicians will tell us why he is powering an initiative to bring back the world’s finest to teach in India.And a group of brilliant young comics who have become poster boys for freedom of speech and the art of laughter.With the World Cup in progress, we begin with a sport that obsesses us and unites us. One of the greatest cricketers ever will tell us what drives him as he steps off the pitch but never out of the limelight. His career has been as remarkable as his conduct has been exemplary. Recently awarded the Bharat Ratna, the world is impatient to regard him as an elder statesman but he remains as humble as he was when he made his debut as a curly haired 16-year-old in Karachi 25 years ago.He has come a long way since then — and so has India.I am not sure when the acche din will come.  But I can promise you at least two of them right here.Enjoy the Conclave.It has been a year of chills, spills and assorted thrills @aroonpurie #Conclave15 http://t.co/cDrjVTykf1advertisementadvertisementadvertisement&; India Today (@IndiaToday) March 13, 2015last_img read more

first_imgOPCC celebrated 50 years of providing hope to the most vulnerable members of our community on the Westside of Los Angeles County with a 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend on September 27 and 28, 2014. Zach Galifianakis before performing at OPCC’s 50th Anniversary Judy Collins gave a stellar performance on September 27th at The Broad Stage at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center, capping off a magical evening that included Chris Pierce, Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra and Abstrakto (Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli and Balthazar Getty), and comic genius Zach Galifianakis.David Arquette and Greg Germann with OPCC’s Executive Director, John Maceri Greg Germann, actor and OPCC Board member, hosted the evening. VIP guests included David Arquette & Christina McLarty, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Marcia Cross, Annabeth Gish, Charlotte Kirk, Kymberly Marciano-Strauss, Penelope Spheeris, Supreme from the Wu-Tang Clan and former Los Angeles City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter.The Anniversary Celebration continued on Sunday, September 28th with a Family & Friends Community Picnic at the Santa Monica College Quad. Approximately 400 former and current staff, volunteers, Board members and clients gathered for games, complimentary lunch and performances by the Crossroads Jazz Combo, the SAMOHI Vikings Pep Band and OPCC’s own Safe Haven Band.John Maceri, Executive Director of OPCC, remarks: “This weekend was a fine example of how significant OPCC’s impact has been on the community. Our work is not possible without the support of our wonderful donors, volunteers and Board members. Together, we are all making our community stronger. We are honored so many joined us for this weekend celebration.”Lead sponsors of OPCC’s Anniversary Weekend included: Sarah Jessup, The Melvin & Bren Simon Charitable Foundation, Marin Aleksov & Rosland Capital, The Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation, Judith & Steaven K. Jones, Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney, Vintage Hollywood Foundation and Bart & Tracy Zitnitsky.
Now in its 50th year, OPCC (formerly Ocean Park Community Center) is the largest social services agency on the Westside of Los Angeles. A non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Monica, OPCC provides highly effective, fully integrated services to the most traumatized, vulnerable and needy members of our community—homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, indigent Veterans, and people dealing with severe physical or mental illness or substance abuse. We are the only West L.A.-based agency that offers a comprehensive system of care to solve the complex, multi-faceted problems of this diverse population. As a result, we have the wide-ranging expertise and programs that enable us to tailor services to the needs of each person, however complicated those needs may be. OPCC offers seven core services that provide support in the areas of housing, domestic violence, physical health, mental health, life skills/wellness, income services and substance abuse. All are designed to improve self-sufficiency, restore dignity, and enable our clients to be contributing members of our community, enhancing the quality of life for everyone.For more information about OPCC, click here.Source:PR Weblast_img read more

Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett sprained his MCL in the first half of an Oct. 25 game against Penn State, but stayed in to lead the Buckeyes to a 31-24 double-overtime win.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWhen Urban Meyer said his quarterback had a sprained MCL, some Ohio State fans might have cringed — for good reason.It’s the second straight season the third-year OSU coach has seen his starting quarterback suffer that injury, after all. But unlike then-junior Braxton Miller — who missed two games and all but the opening drive of another with the same injury in 2013 — redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett is expected to play this weekend after hurting his knee on Saturday against Penn State.On Monday, Meyer stressed that Barrett would play in the Buckeyes’ Saturday matchup with Illinois, and the quarterback reiterated the same point — barring unforeseen circumstances — on Wednesday.“It would have to be something drastic happen between now and Saturday at 8 o’clock,” Barrett said. “But I plan on playing Saturday.”During the Big Ten teleconference on Tuesday, Meyer said he expected Barrett to be “full-go” at practice on Wednesday, but that didn’t quite end up being the case.“He went — I wouldn’t say quite full — be he’ll be full tomorrow, they’re telling us,” Meyer said after Wednesday’s practice. “He did good, real good.”Barrett said practice went “fine” for him, and added he did most of the things he would normally do at practice, but not everything.“I was limited at first, but then today got out there and did team stuff at the end, which was good,” he said.“Dropping back, jogging a little bit, just normal things.”Junior offensive lineman Taylor Decker agreed that Barrett seemed “fine” in practice, and said the quarterback was trying to make sure he takes care of his knee.“Obviously he is trying to be careful with his knee, you don’t want to tweak it anymore,” Decker said Wednesday. “Hope to have him as healthy as possible coming back for the game, but he has looked fine to me.”While he’s been limited in practice since the injury, Barrett didn’t miss any significant time during the Buckeyes’ double-overtime win against the Nittany Lions. In fact, he ran for 32 yards during the extra periods and scored both of OSU’s overtime touchdowns on the ground.On the other hand, Miller originally hurt his knee during the Buckeyes’ opening drive in their second game of the 2013 season against San Diego State University, and didn’t return to the field until week five against Wisconsin.Despite the stark contrast in the amount of time missed, Meyer said Barrett’s injury is “very similar” to the one Miller suffered just over a year earlier. But he was sure to stick to his expertise when addressing why Barrett could play when Miller could not.“I’m not a doctor,” Meyer said. “(Barrett’s injury is) probably not as severe.”Meyer added that MCL sprains are fairly common and don’t require surgery, and went on to say some players simply react differently to injuries.“Everybody is built differently, I guess, but once again, I’m not a doctor,” he said.As he decided to leave speculation out of the picture and trust the medical experts when it comes to the differences between Miller’s injury and Barrett’s, Meyer said he listened to his medical staff after the initial injury as well.“At halftime, they said he got an MCL sprain,” Meyer said. “I said, ‘how bad?’ And they said, ‘well, we’ll see how it goes.’”Apart from one drive when redshirt-sophomore quarterback Cardale Jones, redshirt-freshman H-back Jalin Marshall and sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson all took snaps, Barrett didn’t miss any game time after spraining his knee.Barrett — who tore his right ACL in the last game he played at Rider High School in Wichita Falls, Texas, before spraining his left MCL against the Nittany Lions — said he’d never played through a similar injury in the past. He added he wouldn’t have stepped back on the field if he wasn’t fully ready to play.“I’ve actually really never played with an injury to this degree,” he said. “But I knew that I could take a drop, I could run, so it was just one of those things like, ‘Hey man, if you play, you play.’ It’s not like going in there half stepping, because if so, the team could use a Cardale Jones that could go full-go.”Even after playing through it on Saturday, Decker said Barrett is likely still hurting in practice this week.“I’m sure he has got some pain but he played the whole second half with it, so I have no doubts that he will be back and be ready,” he said.Barring “something drastic,” Barrett is set to lead the Buckeyes against the Fighting Illini on Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. read more

Vardy and Maguire most likely not part of opening World Cup

first_imgGareth Southgate recently claimed that the team that started against Nigeria is not far away from the one for England’s opening game in the World Cup campaign.This, however, will most likely mean that both Jamie Vardy and Harry Maguire will not play in the first game of the tournament as they were left on the bench.Southgate opted for City forward Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane, rather than the Leicester duo Vardy-Maguire. He even went for Rashford and Welbeck from the bench, leaving the teammates not even taste the eventual win.“There is real competition for places in certain areas of the pitch,” Southgate said, according to LeicestershireLive. “Everyone has to maintain their level.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“The team we picked – my experience of the weeks going into the start of a tournament and then the first few games is that it will evolve for various different reasons.”“Everyone has to be ready to come into the side and I would not necessarily say that the team that started on Saturday is the same team that will start against Tunisia.”“But clearly, it would not be far away,” Southgate added.last_img read more

Asensio will be staying at Real Madrid – agent

first_imgMarco Asensio’s agent has announced that his client will be remaining at Real Madrid for next season, after having been linked with a move away this summerThe Spain international has been linked with a move to the Premier League this summer with both Liverpool and Chelsea having been monitoring his situation after starting just 19 of Real’s 38 La Liga matches last term.Asensio was signed by the European champions in 2014 from RCD Mallorca and has spent the past two seasons playing for the senior side following two loan spells at both Mallorca and Espanyol.Liverpool had reportedly been viewing Asensio as a potential replacement for Philippe Coutinho, who left Anfield in January in a €160m deal to Barcelona.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…But his agent, Horacio Gaggioli, announced on Monday that Asensio will be staying put at Real.“Marco won’t move, he’ll stay with Real Madrid,” said Gaggioli, according to Goal.“He’s improving all the time. Next season I think he’ll be very important in Madrid.”Asensio scored 11 goals in 53 appearances last season for Real and was a part of the Spain World Cup squad this summer.last_img read more

Kompany Man City wont fall in the same trap as past

first_imgVincent Kompany believes that Manchester City have what it takes to defend their Premier League title and not “fall in the same trap” as past champions.Manchester City have begun the title defence in impressive fashion and are already top of the table after winning Arsenal and Huddersfield comfortably in their opening two games, and Kompany believes the squad is capable of defending the title.“I can only say it’s different from previous years we have won the league,” he told Sky Sports.“There’s been so many warnings we have had and every single time we almost have to fight against ourselves and our nature, not to fall in the same trap as the other teams have done, my teams included, a few years ago.”Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“I can see that everyone is training hard. There’s so much competition in the team that we have to anyway,” he added.“I’m not saying we are going to do as well as we did last year, but if it happens that the season is going to be different then it has to be because of the other teams being stronger, not us being weaker.”last_img read more

Douglas Costa opens up on spitting incident

first_imgJuventus winger Douglas Costa confirmed he has apologised to Brazil coach Tite for spitting in Federico Di Francesco’s faceThe 28-year-old got into a flare-up with Francesco in Juventus’ 2-1 win over Sassuolo in September.Costa lost his cool and spat directly at the Italian winger from inches away.The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) captured the incident with the referee later giving Costa a straight red card.The former Bayern Munich player was then suspended for the next four games with Brazil coach Tite declaring his disgust over the incident.Serie A, Gian Piero GasperiniGasperini reveals why he rejected Inter Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Atalanta manager, Gian Piero Gasperini, has revealed why he rejected Internazionale Milan’s job proposal over the summer transfer window.Costa has now returned to the national side for international duty, but only after apologising to Tite.“I spoke face-to-face with the coach,” said Costa, according to SportPro.“He told me what he thought, I respect him a lot and I apologised. It was a bad incident, it wasn’t like me and it was something that had never happened before in my career.“Now I just want to put it behind me and keep working.”Brazil will face Uruguay on Friday in a friendly at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium with kick-off to begin at 21:00 (CET).last_img read more