2008 annual meeting of the successful development of the nternet in Hubei Province

The development of the Internet in Hubei province in 2008

annual meeting in January 27th in Wuhan small Blue Whale Hotel successfully held successfully. This event is jointly organized by the Wuhan Internet elite club, as the first event in the Internet industry in Hubei Province, since 2005, has been successfully held three sessions. The Hubei provincial Party Committee Propaganda Office Director Zhou Yiping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech during the same period. Congratulations also attending the Wuhan municipal Party committee propaganda office network management at Hongjun director, Hubei provincial Party committee propaganda office network news research center director Xie. Wuhan City Information Industry Bureau deputy director Li Mingzhang due to the busy business can not attend the meeting, and by telephone conference by Xu Qiang of Wuhan to the Internet business operators said New Year wishes and unlimited expectations. The conference by the competent departments of Internet Communication Management Bureau of Hubei Province Network Management Office of the director of Liu Weiwei vigorously The concern and support. And to wish a happy new year meeting of the Hubei Internet companies, continue fighting, new heights.

the conference did not due to the impact of bad weather in Hubei, still according to the original time and place, in a peaceful atmosphere successfully held a total of 67 Internet companies in Hubei responsible person to attend the meeting to communicate, the meeting site exchange ebullience Chang said to talk, and talk on behalf of the development. All conference sponsor to participate in the conference to present business operators, leading to express my sincere gratitude. Congress gets the chairman of Hubei famous Internet Co – 100 beijingczechnetwork technology, Mr. Wang Guoping, general manager of Baidu marketing center in Hubei to support.


Hubei provincial Party committee propaganda office director Zhou Yiping delivered a passionate speech at


Baidu Hubei marketing center general manager of the General Assembly on behalf of all the sponsors welcome speech



conference by Xu Qiang, general manager of CITIC network He Meng, China community network general manager Li Da presided over the



pictures left: Hubei propaganda office network news research center director Xie, right: Wuhan foreign affairs office network management office director

Hongjun single


conference site


Sports Network General Manager Yan Sitian speech, on the successful experience of

about sports network


billion housing network director Kwong ultra billion housing network operating in the stage to share the successful experience of


enjoys Hubei Internet " Huangpu military academy President &quo>

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