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1 millet mobile phone was traced to deposit bank account stolen Alipay   vulnerability to


recently, CCTV weekly quality report reported a number of mobile payment security risks exist. With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, third party payment scale is expanding. But because of the inherent vulnerabilities in mobile phone systems, allowing attackers to get mobile phone users privacy and account information through the establishment of a public WIFI, implanted Trojan way, realize the cash bank card and Alipay account stolen. Millet, HUAWEI, Google and some other models of security vulnerabilities, in the event of an attack, the security software on the phone completely failed. Experts suggest that, in order to prevent the occurrence of theft of bank card fraud thing, should avoid the connection without a password public WIFI.

millet 2 Lenovo models such as security vulnerabilities exist traced


in accordance with the existing protective measures and payment platform, user verification code four line to pass the third party payment platform to achieve transfer spending have the account number, password, payment password, SMS, and each consumer will SMS prompt changes in the bank account. Then a few lines of defense, criminals and how fraudulent bank card?

2 Fang told the Guangdong satellite TV host paid court: part of the infringement  

because of that Guangdong TV presenter Wang Mudi for slander, insult to the micro-blog, Fang to reputation infringement on the grounds of Wang Mudi and Beijing micro dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd. to court. Recently, the Haidian court, as part of micro-blog infringement, decree Fang Wang Mudi apology and compensation for mental solatium 10 thousand yuan and 17100 yuan rights fee.

micro-blog ridicule annoying Fang

Fang alleged that Wang Mudi since July 14, 2013 has published dozens of articles micro-blog vicious attack, and he and his wife and daughter abuse, threats, intimidation, micro-blog content no basis in fact, wanton and malicious slander insult to the reputation severely compromised, constituted of the right of reputation infringement, it is taken to court, requesting an order the two defendants delete micro-blog, apology, and compensation for mental solatium 400 thousand yuan and 37100 yuan rights fee, micro dream Techtronic company jointly and severally liable.

3 Nora infringement trial today: $260 million ticket is so come  

Shenzhen intends to huge penalties Nora case

social concern held today in Shenzhen city market administration hearing rooms in the hearing room, the reason of Nora company 260 million yuan punishment in Shenzhen city for the first time exposure.

Tencent science and technology was informed that the Shenzhen municipal market authority intends to Nora fined 260 million yuan, Nora is based on the amount of illegal business in this case calculated. Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau believes that Nora violations of information dissemination of illegal acts of illegal business amounted to 86 million 716 thousand yuan, >

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