China today the introduction of online search theory such as vertical channel


China online search today to push the national conditions and other vertical channel

        Sina Francisco March 1st morning news, Pangu search and instantly search the combined Chinese search ( this morning quietly on the line, the Pangu search and instantly jump to search for domain name has Chinese search page. Chinese search is also the search team after the re integration of the newly launched products, and ordinary commercial search compared to increase the national conditions, the theory of vertical search content.

last year, Pangu search and instantly search two state-owned background search engine integration. Last November, the people’s Daily’s search immediately jump to the Xinhua News Agency’s panguso. After the immediate search has experienced problems of executive turnover, incorporated into the team Pangu search etc.. Since then, the search for the subsequent integration of the national team has been quietly advancing.

in fact, last year the chassis search and instantly search the merged China search message has been in the community that. And this morning, the domain name is Chinese search page has been found on the line quietly. User access Pangu search ( and to search ( will jump to the new line of Chinese search.

China search page related information display, its headquarters is located in the East Tower estate square in Beijing sea 12-17. Search the address, you can see the Chinese Huadian Group, Huadian heavy had used the same office address. In addition, network, China fuel companies had also settled in the same building.

In addition China

search is still in Daxing Chinese office building with the search, map display, the office should be located in the previous panguso Xinhua Daxing park headquarters building.

and of the domain name registration information also shows that the domain name belongs to the Pangu search. was first registered in 2002, in November 14, 2013 the domain name registration information has been updated.

new on-line search is still beta version of China, the center position of the home page is under construction. ". Compared with the ordinary commercial search, search China in addition to providing news, newspapers, web pages, pictures, video, navigation, map search, in the lower part of the front page, very eye-catching provides national and local politics, the special search content.

is more than that, China also provides search theory, regulations, smart city vertical search services. These features vertical services, but also shows the Chinese search as a search for the national team difference.

as early as 2009, the relevant departments will enhance the search engine to build a strategic height of the country’s soft power, and in the beginning of the Department in 2010

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