Dedecms V5 installation full contact

    Course Description: this tutorial is a lonely life original, based on RC1 Dedecms V5, a dedecms suitable for novice installation tutorial, tutorial with pictures detailing the installation process of Dedecms V5 RC1, the server is built using the PHPnow-1.4.2 environment, the environment configuration tutorial in /html/install/Dedecms/20071215/15541.html

    the first is that we need to install the dedecms server environment, but not only need a Apache environment to run, we still need to have a specific MySQL database, can be set in http://s., here we create the database name dedecmsv5, user name root, password for the 123456.PHPnow server root directory for the D:PHPnowhtdocs website, the folder property to read and write.


, get the latest version of dedecms

upload file decompression will decompress, upload folder all the files uploaded to the site root directory, D:PHPnowhtdocs;


three, the installation of dedecms V5


four, after the installation of the operation of
usually after installation will automatically jump to the admin interface "http://s.", at the same time we can install the setup directory rename or delete the administrator account password, use |, admin |admin on our back, OK! All installation operations completed.



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