Website promotion techniques are commonly used to promote summary

website as our school enrollment, employment is an important window to the outside world. In order to provide the use efficiency of the website, make full use of the network resources, need to optimize the site and the promotion of the large.

PS: the following content, is based on the actual situation of cooking schools to develop programs, are the principle of promotion is the same. You can extrapolate! Technology Co., for reference only!


1, search engine promotion

our school is mainly through the promotion of the search engine, so we need to set the key words, the key words, the title of the website, web page description. Can be appropriate to provide the title and second element in the corresponding keyword density, so that it is more effective to click the user into our enrollment targets. Natural ranking promotion, the hope can be optimized through the above site, the effect can be a qualitative leap.

2, information release promotion

is mainly aimed at the actual situation of our school enrollment, the potential user groups to focus on the release of our school related information (with my school website links, telephone number, QQ number of articles). Release: Regional Forum, QQ group, blog, website, culinary industry education website, SNS community forum, the class can take signature can be set in our school in the signature in the Sichuan New Oriental cooking school in, users can directly visit our site. Soft, we can publish in some large web sites such as Baidu Post Bar, Post Bar, QQ Post Bar, Sogou Post Bar, and other large Tianya community. If the impact is bound to bring more traffic to our site for free N.

3, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia promotion

these two promotion projects, the need for high technology. Because Baidu is now on these two services, to take a human audit system. Through 2 years in the promotion of these two businesses, has accumulated a number of successful audit experience. For example, for Baidu to know, we can find friends in different places cross questions and answers. Of course, the contents of the questions and answers are provided by our own content, the surface looks like this is a regular Baidu know the answer. After successfully passed, Baidu know the weight of information is naturally higher, so in the search engine rankings have absolute advantages, so that we can improve the flow of our website can improve the credibility of our school. Baidu encyclopedia, we can start from the cooking industry features a variety of cuisines, each dish can set up a Baidu. For example, "Sichuan", if the entry is not created, then we will create, finally add references at the end of the article, can refer to reference. Reference, you can add our school website. So, Baidu users in the access to the entry, you can refer to the reference guide to our site. In this way, we can bring traffic to our site, but also to bring the chain (to improve the main site PR), more importantly, to enhance the authority of our school in the culinary industry.


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