Jewelry website promotion method

A: flow form propaganda:

1: Super Girls: Super Girls online video to the relevant community forum to do publicity. Such as Baidu Super Girls Sina Super Girls version.

for the crowd: young girls love Super Girls

implementation of the difficulty: relatively easy, but after all, not so fire before, the same kind of advertising stickers more competition. Plug the chance to paste a lot of advertising.

effect: to bring a part of the flow of the site, because it is mainly girls, like jewelry people may still have some. Targeted not strong

2: Korean Han wonderful video to Korean Han FANS gathering related community forum to do publicity. For example, Baidu post bar, Korean drama community.

for the crowd: the love of Korean Han family


implementation difficulty: common difficulty. The key is to find good material. To go to a lot of relevant forums in order to effect. Workload is relatively large.

effect: because in the Korean family, these people, flowers and plants in South Korea are interested in. Targeted strong

flow of the actual operation of the form of propaganda: want a good flow effect, we must first download a good material, clip material, upload material. Then in the forum, go to the relevant forum propaganda. Finally, often to the top paste, the workload is relatively large.

two: targeted publicity:

1: Jewelry pictures: go to Taobao eBay Alibaba and other large online shopping community forum publicity

for the crowd: young people like online shopping, and some online store owners

implementation difficulty: common difficulty because these forums are not popular. I didn’t know it before. I do not know how big the probability of sticking.

3: effect: because of the online shopping. These people have the experience of shopping online. Easy to accept online shopping. There are also some of these forums are shop owners. In this publicity on the same time played a B A B on the promotion of B. Targeted strong

2: with jewelry pictures: go to professional and large portal forum jewelry women’s fashion and other related areas to promote

for the crowd: young women like jewelry fashion

implementation difficulty: high difficulty. The actual operation of the post, a lot of skills. I go to a lot of workload related forums to effect.

effect: because it is aimed at young women like jewelry fashion this part of the beautiful things will be interested.

is just a lot of people do not have the experience of online shopping. Targeted general

3: join the ad: go to Taobao eBay Alibaba and other online stores for message promotion

for the crowd: online store owners

implementation difficulty: General >

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