Get tens of millions of financing Consumer Finance Companies Andy era can bend beyond BAT

today (November 29th), the Internet consumer financial services Andy Times announced the completion of several ten million yuan pre-A round of financing, the current round of led by the CRE capital investment, Zhejiang Zhao Yuan with investment. Andy era founder and CEO Xiong Yufei said, this round of financing will be used to improve the network construction, under the line of credit risk control model, and focus on consumer finance, construction of ecological service life scene.


to finance itself, Xiong Yufei said: "in fact is the CRE found us, Wu Haiyan on the concept of financial risk control and respect for, let’s hit it off." Previously, Andy times both are funded by several partners investment subscribed, Xiong Yufei said, if the money has not been spent, and this year Andy era business income has reached 7 million yuan. Round of financing for the next phase of business expansion.

as a financial service platform between the bank and the whole network users, Andy era by acquiring user authorization data, data from third parties, and the users of the whole network data (payment data, social media data), for the user to conduct a comprehensive portrait, construction algorithm model precision, comprehensive risk management for assets and capital in the end, reduce the risk of bad debts occur.

Andy era is the consumption of Financial Services Company, the main business scope include consumer IOUS and cash loans, the core products are cash loans, car loan and consumer loans of three kinds of scene. Fill in the application by the user, Andy times according to the user’s personal information for risk assessment in large data model, finally provide between 20 thousand and 500 thousand the amount of loans to provide users with current total lending more than 200 million yuan.

was off, Andy has been completed in Shanghai, Guangzhou, the times of Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other domestic second city line stores erection, and in cooperation with the well-known domestic commercial banks more than the channel layout; at the same time together with the electricity supplier platform and other consumer scenarios, improve access to the user’s frequency of use at the same time. For the high cost of online access to this point, Xiong Yufei said: at present on the guest, still should be based on the line, not too dependent on the flow of online."

how to deal with BAT competition?

is sitting on the Internet in the financial sector, search, and social huge traffic BAT early layout, Baidu BaiduPay, Baidu wallet, Baidu financial center, and planning for small and medium sized enterprises "Baidu small loan service. Ali has the balance of treasure, Ali small loans and other products, Tencent hand money paid through.

this seems to be a huge pressure on entrepreneurs. But Xiong Yufei believes that the current BAT penetration is not high, and Andy era application system based on risk control combining online and offline is the main advantage. First, you can see the current size of the BAT is not large, based entirely on the line, is very limited. Second, Andy can the stock market to expand the scale of mining under the line."

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