The number of public enterprises operating difficult how to break through

today, enterprises in the marketing mode emerge in an endless stream, constantly seeking innovation, following the previous micro-blog marketing popular, WeChat public platform and sprang up so that all the companies in droves, whether large enterprises have millions of customers, dozens of people or the scale of small and medium enterprises, all hope that through a lot of human and financial resources the investment, harvest the fruits of satisfaction. Data show that so far, the number of public accounts WeChat has more than 2 million, and this is a large part of the public accounts. For businesses, Yifengengyun would like to have a harvest, in the marketing platform, WeChat has repeatedly stressed that not always will be the user experience in the first place of the moment, how to comply with WeChat high service, high experience principle, and through the enterprise public account operation fast output of commercial value, to become the numerous enterprises in the direction of thinking.

maybe, we can look at the Tencent’s another enterprise product marketing QQ enhanced version, it is the marketing team to QQ general third party developers unified identity, WeChat open platform provides API interface based on the professional development of strength, to achieve through the QQ platform and WeChat platform. QQ enhanced version with marketing, enterprise can through the independent client, while docking QQ and WeChat news channel, with its marketing QQ the same number of people management, a multiplayer chat window, seamless session transfer, WeChat end speech recognition and other functions, to achieve rapid conversion of customer service and response, to help enterprises through the integration management of a client realization of multiple channels, improve enterprise management efficiency. So in order to solve the problem of the number of public enterprises to help the public to quickly output the commercial value of the enterprise, marketing QQ enhanced version of the enterprise can give inspiration to what?

revelation: Q micro combination punches to ease the weak marketing, strong service problem

WeChat, the strong chain characteristics based on information, export to the circle of friends and friends, spread in the form of relatively closed and single, the mobile terminal is the main use of the scene, fast and convenient, the chain is the main reason to many users choose WeChat platform. With the official WeChat control of the marketing behavior gradually strengthen, pay more attention to the nature of the service platform, the number of public enterprises WeChat marketing promotion difficult to really up, due to the closure of WeChat’s marketing achievement is very difficult to achieve in the short term, and this, to get more value from the platform of small and medium sized enterprises undoubtedly poured cold water, how to grasp the marketing and service scale, how to improve the quality of the fans, how to get more commercial value, the enterprise can not help but have a variety of puzzles.

this point, on the QQ side is showing another situation, QQ user’s communication range is more extensive, the relationship between the viscosity and the chain as strong as WeChat, through years of accumulation, connect the QQ platform and the integration of multi terminal and multi service, in the use of the scene more diverse at home, on the road, and can use the same office scene. QQ users can communicate in a variety of ways, companies can also be achieved in the QQ platform through more services

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