Marketing is constantly giving reasons

in the previous article, I share the theme is: the core of marketing is to convey the impression.

if the impression is very good, even if the product is generally able to clinch a deal, if the impression is very poor, even if the product is good, also can not sell.

then some people might say, you say I can understand the impression, but the feeling is a bit abstract, in the end how to convey the impression that


pass the impression of the specific practice, is to give reasons.

whether you let others do what you have to give the corresponding reasons, if you do not provide, or the reasons you provide is not attractive, others will not take action, which is not only suitable to sell things, but also can be used in all aspects of life.

I often say that the core of the network to make money has three points: find a problem, find the answer, docking problems and answers. The docking tool is marketing, marketing performance in the network marketing, the core is the two link.

first: spread

has a variety of ways to spread N, are the product, or company information passed out, so that the potential customers to come to you;

why do potential clients come to you? You have to give the reasons.

such as soft Wen promotion, divided into the title and text.

title is to look at the body of the reasons, the title is not good, you write the text is no good.

the first paragraph is to look at the reasons for the second paragraph, the second paragraph is to look at the reasons for the third paragraph…

your entire text, is to give you reason to continue to pay attention to, whether it is QQ, WeChat, or call or visit you, as long as the reason is not sufficient, the customer will not enter the next link of marketing transformation.

second: transforming

transformation, is to take the initiative to find your potential customers.

performance in the network to make money, I summarize the transformation into 4 links:

1, collection list

collection list, is to collect potential customers QQ, WeChat, telephone, e-mail address, etc..

but why did the customer give you the contact? What’s the reason?

in general, is to provide attractive gifts, free information, free service, try, try, try, anyway, your gifts, that you give the reason, if no temptation to collect gifts, not to contact, there is no established trust next.

2, build trust

trust is the first currency of the transaction, there is no trust, there is no deal.

but why do potential clients trust you? What’s the reason?

reason is: you free of charge to help potential customers solve problems. It’s the same with friends, not at first

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