deas and methods of using micro blog to promote website


micro-blog from last year have begun to vigorously promote, and the Tencent is slow like that in recent months before micro-blog online, but the Tencent viral marketing promotion methods or very hungry. In the Baidu Post Bar everywhere are seeking Tencent invitation code and send Tencent invitation code post. I searched in Taobao, and saw a shopkeeper in a month to sell hundreds of invitation code. Webmaster king Cai Wensheng in his micro-blog is to express the love of micro-blog and the prospects for the future of micro-blog, he said: " with the development of micro-blog, after the micro-blog account will be valuable. As long as people are concerned about the value of things, the more attention to the higher the value of nature. Like Baidu Post Bar many of the Lord’s income. I believe there have been micro-blog earn money by micro-blog, to make good use of your micro-blog account, micro-blog good will rise soon! " for an ordinary webmaster, especially the new owners, should be more concerned about micro-blog for the website promotion value and use micro-blog’s website promotion.

if you want to use their own website promotion, you must listen to their own people to reach a certain number of micro-blog. The number of people listening to micro-blog is like a web site traffic. The flow of the site is high, the value of the site is also high, the same reason, the number of people listening to micro-blog, then you see the hair of micro-blog information will be more. How to improve the attention of micro-blog is a lot of micro-blog players are exploring a problem. I think micro-blog and blog, in the business. When you open a micro-blog, it is necessary to keep broadcasting every day. There is also a place to pay attention to the content, people like micro-blog because of the tension in the network life, micro-blog can use the least words to express the most information. We should cater to the attention of the mind, published useful, fresh, fun. This will get the attention and listen to the masses of the pro gaze. Content is done, you will be forwarded to your micro-blog, attention to your people will naturally increase.

In fact, micro-blog

promotion and promotion of the blog has a lot of similarities, different places are not open micro-blog, only after the registration of the user can see the publisher’s broadcast information. Relatively speaking, micro-blog’s more interactive. After getting a certain listener, but also to maintain interaction with everyone, there is time, as far as possible, more active. When the audience and the content reaches a certain number, you can try to publish their own content, share a picture of your site with you, or share a heat your site of the article is high, is a very good method. I am now registered a number of micro-blog accounts, and occasionally share their website video learning articles. If you publish your own web site every day, it will make people tired. So share links to fit.

Cai Wensheng said: classification information and micro-blog is a natural combination. Industry sites do not have to develop their own micro-blog system, you can work with the big micro-blog platform, both sides do not worry about the loss of users, will be a win-win. Facebook >

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