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allows users to find and buy new food is the value of the birth of loveyourlarder website. The main function of loveyourlarder website is through the promotion of numerous independent manufacturers of food commodities, to choose some rare gourmet food. The attraction of these novel foods also promote a good interaction between users and businesses, so that the influence of the loveyourlarder site continues to improve.

loveyourlarder site was founded in 2010, its platform is more independent food manufacturers (small-scale). Loveyourlarder is more of an intermediary role, which not only gives the user a lot of trust, but also allows users to produce a wonderful experience to buy. Like the user to buy, rather than the temptation of merchants. It is now considered the best online food web site in the UK, and businesses have increased from the original 70 to more than 150, more than 1500 food show.

is currently preparing to launch a loveyourlarder recommendation campaign aimed at targeting food blogs and recipes. Its affiliate promotion can get 5% of the food sales commission, much higher than the Commission of Google AdSense, Google AdSense is based on the number of clicks to pay advertisers. Its promotion ultimately decided whether to buy, and in the link with the effective recommendation will increase the user’s order. This kind of advertising marketing is indeed more effective than Google.

we believe that the food web site is more accepting of the impact of the Internet, with the success of food service providers Housebites and Foodzie was acquired, showing more potential to change the user to buy food habits. Loveyourlarder currently has an investment of 150 thousand euros in NorthstarVentures, and plans for the next round of financing.

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