Stationmaster net broadcast Lei Jun to Jinshan employees sent shares Amoy shield commodity link sear

1 Amoy shield Taobao search to customer product link flayer  

July 8th news, the latest learned billion state power network, announced that the Alibaba’s electricity supplier shopping guide platform Amoy net, will begin to interrupt URL link to search all products in July, only allows users in a scouring network complete product search, query, and the purchase price.

at present, Amoy network has closed external links goods, if the user search input box in a commercial link to Amoy, does not show the same as before the platform with merchandise and prices, will automatically pop up reminders, clearly pointed out that a Amoy has stopped searching business links.

2 China Post mobile payment service base in Chongqing  

post boss China Post, is expected to exceed the total amount of the transaction has exceeded 10 trillion yuan in the field of mobile payment in the Internet share".

day before, Chinese Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment. It is reported that the people’s Bank of China Chongqing has accepted the application of the management department.

in this regard, Wu Chunyong financial industry experts pointed out that this shows that China post at the start of the third party payment field force, Internet and mobile payment market prospects, especially in the rapidly growing field of mobile payments, the demand is being stimulated. However, several giant Alipay in this area has been the dominant force in this regard, Chinese post will face challenges."

3 questions about the security alliance and brand treasure: three grassroots webmaster oral

I was a site a month ago, was linked to the black chain, was blocked by the security alliance, that is, Baidu search my site, Baidu will load the security alliance risk warning.

after verification, I deleted the entire site, and the program to upgrade to the latest version of the Discuz X3.2, all the security risks are cleared. The use of Security Alliance Web site detection, are up to 100 out (Baidu webmaster platform for the detection of a score of 100, and Baidu cloud observation detection is no security risks).

in the exclusion of all security risks, I went to the security alliance for deblocking, submitted in June 12th, until now the security alliance did not give me. So so far in Baidu search my site or site results are presented with a security risk, and suggested that users do not visit. It’s been 20 days.

4 car is easy to Hang Zhou: "smart" for users to think is a astray, I walked for 2 years

I entered the field of the Internet, in fact, is to stand on the layman’s point of view and practice of this industry, for me this is very influential, I can not even doubt. But because I was born with the

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