Shanghai more than and 200 P2P about 50 troubled Shanghai financial office said the crackdown

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At present, Shanghai is still in the

more than and 200 P2P platform operation in about 50 problems, Shanghai will strengthen the fight against illegal financial activities of Internet Banking under the banner, this is a reporter yesterday in the municipal government held a press conference was informed.

at the meeting, the executive vice mayor of Shanghai Tu Guangshao said that Internet banking as a new format, participants, covering a wide range, and cross regional, cross market phenomenon is more prominent. How to improve the financial characteristics of the Internet, in a timely manner in the specification of arrangements is necessary, management departments have noticed that many companies in the Internet banking as a sign, in fact some illegal financial activities. In August this year, Shanghai, Shanghai, set up a special internet financial industry associations, the purpose is to strengthen the management of this area through industry self-regulation." Zheng Yang, director of the Shanghai financial services office said that the specific figures of the Internet financial enterprises has been changed, it is in the business of Shanghai P2P network credit information intermediary platform more than and 200, some of which are more or less problems, the next step will be to strengthen the monitoring of close attention.

Shanghai finance office director Xu Yaowu said that financial innovation, many platforms in practice do not fully meet the requirements, such as the existence of illegal fund-raising, the scope of business and other issues, at the same time, the whole credit system is relatively incomplete, there are also security problems.

it is understood that after the P2P regulations clear landing, Shanghai Banking Bureau as the financial supervision department of the central Shanghai, and Shanghai city finance office to do the related risk prevention and supervision work, promote the jurisdiction of P2P and Internet Financial orderly development.

experts: three types of problems P2P platform will disappear

, according to Xinhua news agency, highly anticipated, the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities (Draft) 28. The industry believes that the approach reflects the online lending, the bottom line regulation, clear the nature of its information intermediaries, industry development will gradually standardize.

net loan home founder Xu Hongwei pointed out that, according to the platform approach, three kinds of problems will disappear: one is the fraud platform, way to implement the registration system of the industry, means that the industry has a certain threshold, this kind of platform that cannot exist without registration; two is that the original sick on-line platform, has a hole, through the P2P to continue the survival of hematopoietic platform, according to the 12 industry to prohibit acts and regulations prohibit the borrower behavior, this kind of platform will not survive; three is a Ponzi platform, a way to emphasize industry information disclosure requirements, the platform announced bad loans, overdue rates, compensation rate and other information, the platform will borrow because the information disclosure. In addition, the regulations of P2P platform shall not carry out the line of business, the line stores. The moment a lot of money under the line will be advertised as P2P, will also be gradually cleaned up.

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