Speculation and speculation behind the crisis

this year we are visible everywhere all kinds of speculation, by deliberately planned and initiated the hype (such as cardboard bun, a variety of entertainment and celebrity gossip), but also because of a social event (GB Steamed Buns, Zhou Laohu) caused public controversy, some detractors who borrow some hot figures or hot events, who take this chance to ride the formation of potential speculation effect (Hu XX events, Shi Yuzhu etc.).

speculation, is one of the most commonly used media promotion now, also let people, things and related enterprises to improve the visibility of the most effective way in a short period of time, especially in the rise of Internet media in the WEB era, the characteristics of the media through the network open, timely open, wide coverage, speculation is infinite power amplification. Want to be famous, just need a few photos, text, or a bit of sensual performance can be. Because of this, "Mu Zimei", "Sister Lotus" and "Yang Lihua" to quickly evolved, became a hot Internet celebrity and talk of a new "O like".

because saw the explosion effect of speculation can bring in a short time, so many companies will also have a unique means of speculation. Shi Yuzhu understands the media hype of the road, so the journey to melatonin, the major media in the front page frequently declared; also, many entertainment stars are because the underlying agent constantly broke the news, related to all kinds of gossip readers and viewers have a sustained suction. However, the astute reader will often find that in speculation in the vortex center party, the reader’s favorability phase are not too high, the result is often mixed.

The first

here to share with you a real case of speculation, (because of the working relationship, all solid hidden real name) look at the real effect caused by speculation on how the company has been: H B company and O company to suppress in their market areas, as they develop in the third millennium New Year the marketing target, through unconventional means to make the target audience to H company, B company and O company in the same camp. To develop a series of public relations hype to achieve this goal, one of the most important one is by the general manager of H company to carry out criticism and blame to other companies and products, to ensure that the manager and the H company H, H company’s products continued media attention.

in the next year, the marketing department and PR Department of H company has been faithful adherence to this hype, in the course of time, manager of the H company in the industry has become one of the "big mouth", whether B or O is any company launched products, media reporters will find H’s manager to such as, "the general manager of the company H XXX:O company is innovation, B company will only make money" and other news headlines are often found in newspapers. Privately, "mouth, bitch" on the manager "title" spread like wildfire, even the manager’s lover write emails questioned — "before the tender where were you?"

a year of hype down the company’s business

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