Precision marketing has become the future development trend of network marketing

network marketing has been a lot of enterprises and companies recognized, quick, save the enterprise cost, in the future will continue to mature, we continued the practice, may have such a feeling, precision marketing has become a mainstream trend, optimization. The customer turnover rate is high. Take a stand for example around me.

precision marketing for SEO is the long tail keywords, although the search rate is not high, but it is the intention of the customer, the turnover rate is relatively high, a friend of my station, is a station to do two words of wedding, wedding company and wedding services, I’ll check the Baidu index, the former was 200 times behind, is 80 times, if two words are done on the first page, the average flow should be more than 150 times, after a month, compared to the wedding company still hot, more than and 10 pages, is simply not what traffic, wedding service has arrived in the second page, check the flow of every day 20 to 30 flow, the feeling is really not easy, this is our common optimization, a relatively high degree of difficulty, flow conversion is not large, it is the natural ranking, if it is, it is a waste of money.

my fellow is a wedding station, every day there are more than and 30 traffic, heard also sold a few customers, I have carefully studied his station, got less than 2 weeks ah, look at his words, wedding, wedding services have no ranking, I will come there Qi flow ah, the original is the long tail keywords, do a quick more than and 20 words, one word per day is estimated 2 to 3 of the traffic, but these words you to search, his stand up to the home page, difficult to optimize small ah, the word quantity is 200 thousand or so, but the wedding company 5 million words ah, I realize that can’t do the thankless thing, otherwise there is no meaning.

concluded from my side of the combat, precision marketing become the development trend in the future, only a certain number of long tail words, also have good flow, the pressure of competition is also small, is a good choice, not easy to flow, there must be good transformation, that is customer service must be better, some also the enterprise is called, must have the initiative to invite the function, with exclusion of the concerns of customers, to customers through the statistical analysis of tracking function, what words come in, browse the page which, our website to know, after 100 wins, understand customer needs, in order to improve the turnover rate, the traditional message board out of date, and QQ number, because now the Tencent must add as a friend to chat every day, if you stand 200 flow, even if there are 100 people with you, you a month Would like to add 3000 friends, can drive people crazy, you say is not.

precision marketing has become a trend, the key is to improve the site traffic from a new perspective, and then carries on the reasonable flow of transformation, so as to improve the customer transactions, this is the future development of the road, first understand, early benefit.

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