TV150 shop to promote the second lecture the introduction of SEO shop promotion

this lecture did not set up the host, also did not open to the public, because a lot of people blocked the group message, so the lecture in the form of articles in the forum.

in the last lecture we explain the three steps of the basic knowledge and some shop promotion online shop, our tutorials are seen from the shallower to the deeper, if the content of the first lecture, please refer to this article: "TV150 shop promotion first lecture: product editing and promotion of our entry" lecture topic today is: "the following three questions we will explain the shop promotion SEO introduction" this lecture:

first: what is SEO? SEO can do?

second: what is the working principle of search engine?

third: how should the owner do SEO?

first question: what is SEO? SEO can do?

SEO, we can simply be understood as a web page in the search engine (such as: Baidu, Google) in improving the ranking of skills, I believe many people have heard of the word SEO, some people think that SEO is actually deceiving search engine, or say directly that cheat SEO. Here I simply explain a truth we will have a new understanding of SEO.

is not China "or foreign", whether you want to remember what our web browser, and is a firm, is vertical, so that the vertical than horizontal user experience better, so the search results are all vertical, and most of the search engine will a one-off show ten results.

, that is to say, as long as the same conditions of the two front, so our website in search engine results always has relations, there is always difference, what kind of rules to decide the difference of it, what kind of rules to decide the order of it, and of course Baidu Google will not tell us the specific rules, as long as the rules exist, SEO will never disappear. So don’t believe what SEO is out of date, or SEO is useless, etc..

SEO to today, as an industry, and even a lot of SEO services provided by the company, the presence of SEO and there is a certain reason.

SEO can do?

entry SEO more than an average of 90% people through the SEO to get a good income, some people will be able to earn a lot of money through the SEO in the past two or three months.

some of these people because they have a good product, have the advantage over others, but through the SEO ad about their products, so soon revenue.

as a shop owner, we are the most suitable for learning SEO crowd, because I

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