Why blog grassroots blog and elite blog

Last year was the celebrity blog year, today is the blog year. The expansion of the blog group, what does it mean? Means that the Internet will be able to blog, you can have Bo guest. Why blog? The reason is also difficult to pick a thousand articles. There is no reason why we write blogs. And don’t talk about why celebrities and blog, think about our grassroots bloggers. Or through the web search engine to find a lot of answers, blog is to expose their own things to see, is to attract the attention of others? In order to catch up with fashion, fashion, experience new life? Is also to show their ability to write and energy?…… So how can the explanation really answer "why blog?" I still understand the effectiveness of the blog.

MampA efficacy function and effect of the role of specific explanation for the blog and blog about what is the effect of the future. Personally feel that the main features of the blog has the following four functions.

Second, record. To record their daily bursts of ideas, record their daily life and work, the occurrence of the emotional record of their own thinking about the incident, the exploration of the problem…… Every little thought in life will knock us out of our minds. And this little thought through the log to show. Record yourself, but also to their future can have a good memory to provide a trigger point. By referring to their previous log, you can see the growth of every day, the traces of maturity. Writing a blog is a record of life, describing the process of history.

third friends, heart function. Blog is not a simple diary, it is open. Through the network platform to promote the exchange, if the closure of their own blog, not to communicate with other bloggers, it lost the original function. In the blog communication process, through Links, will certainly encounter some common interests. This goal is achieved, the most important thing is to make friends, the virtual network also sincere friendship. So do your own blog, you must learn to know other bloggers, which is tantamount to more life experience. Exchange blog is a process of making friends in the heart.

Fourth, Lianbi Tim force function. After the blog application, of course, can not let the space idle >

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