Only if the first sign of life to see President Trump that how to teach people to entrepreneurship

days after the recall in 2016, Trump is probably a face this year the most difficult to forget. Looking back over the past year campaign, dubbed the "The Golden Lion" as long as he stood in the spotlight, will attract all the attention and support, even reviled. However, few people remember when the new political party announced the election, said such a sentence:

"I’m a good businessman, so I can manage a country."

Trump as politicians in the election performance will not be discussed, but this does not hinder entrepreneurs learn from him commercial secret. Although the outside world for Trump mall record have many questions, but as a prestigious real estate tycoon, he in reality show "the apprentice" show on commercial social sensitivity and familiar, understanding and learning is worth each with aspirations of young people.

in this program, Trump arrange participants completed sales, fundraising, marketing activities and other tasks, which is almost all entrepreneurs will face challenges. Later, he also led the team to do failure analysis, adjust the personnel structure. So repeatedly, until Trump elected their own "apprentice".

today share articles, reviews the author of "the apprentice" the most classic of the first quarter of the program, and summarizes each episode of the task, the causes of the failure of each team and merit, and most important point: why the contestant was eliminated. The reasons are worthy entrepreneurs all sorts of strange things, thinking. For example, in the final elimination of Harvard, encountered a problem too calm, but is lazy. For example a sales team in order to choose their own love but not think of selling products to sell, the final encounter Waterloo. This evaluation is Trump, "You gotta believe what you sell (If not) you’ll be miserable." all these are entrepreneurs experience and lessons worth learning.

this paper authorized by the authority authorized I dark horse release, author Liu Yu

do you want to be the focus of attention,


do you want one million dollars


would you like to go on the cover of the magazine,


do you want a jet plane,


do you want the building to be named after you,


do you want your own TV Show?

you want more, this is the first season of "the apprentice" theme song.

seriously, "the apprentice" in the end is a reality show like? A business task Donald Trump each layout, players are divided into two teams in the competition, the losing team, the worst team will be eliminated; the winning players will be selected as the Trump subsidiary, has a $250 thousand annual salary CEO.


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