Network promotion plan should pay attention to what

, a promotion planning book should be based on understanding of the company and the industry to write, think the excellent actual situation of each company is different, different industries, staffing and the company can invest amount is

decided to promote the success of the network after the important factors. Therefore, in order to write a network promotion plan, should be with the company’s boss or the person in charge of this area to do a detailed communication to understand the company’s industry,

according to the relevant industry to do the analysis of network competitors, has been the most effective, the most practical solution to the boss, rather than on the Internet to search for a plan to modify.

two, Bo excellent advice network promotion plan book should focus on a long-term implementation of an effective scheme, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, manpower is not enough, seize a scheme in

is the most effective solution, the excellent repeatedly stressed that the promotion plan on the Internet are effective, but must persevere, to seize the details of promotion, and general business

in the implementation process

is difficult to pay attention to this point, so the Bo excellent advice in writing the book promotion planning should be emphasized in this work.

three, website localization, enterprise all know that positioning is very important, but do not often positioning, positioning "meaning is to seize the advantage of the core competitiveness, in this respect, rather than waking up, what others do, how we do. Understand although said network copying a shortcut to success, but Bo excellent think that, as a business, not a certain advantage is difficult to long standing in an invincible position.

four, to promote the implementation of specific programs. Bo excellent think write promotion planning, to promote the implementation of the program specific, rather than simply a forum promotion, blog marketing, SEO, this promotion scheme of such PPC can be said to be meaningless, in the writing of the planning, must be specific to how to operate, such as when should pay attention to the promotion of forum to those problems, specific to a forum, specific to what the team to do marketing forum. In SEO, for example, how to select the specific keywords, how to publish the article page, how to do the effective link and anchor chain. Do PPC advertising, to locate what keywords, search engines or Wangmeng PPC advertising, should be specific to the delivery time, with the late tracking service and so on.

of course promotion looks simple, really need some endurance and ability to implement them. Be good at thinking and learning.

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