What are you going to do if you give 5 million potential customers QQ mail


if I get 5 million accurate email address potential customers through some means, now the 5 million potential customers email to you, what are you going to do? How to operate using the 5 million

mailbox?If you have

5 million QQ e-mail address, then you first thought is not immediately send them your "spam"? If you think so, and do so, then this is completely mistaken, you get the gold when the broken bricks used wasted at least! Ninety percent customer resource


business, business is not a time to talk about, especially long-term cooperation customers.

in fact, if you can use the 5 million mailbox to build entirely within your database, you will have the equivalent of a day and night for you to print the printing press


how do we deal with these 5 million mailboxes? How to use these 500 mailboxes?

In fact, you can

to the 5 million QQ email list subscription invitation (if you don’t know that the mailing list, please immediately look up to Baidu tutorial about your homework) here, I found that many businesses in the Taobao sold things now, will allow customers to subscribe to their store mailing list, so a basic store will be released or other related information, greatly promoting customer consumption again.

can think of to use the mailing list, then the next step is to write a beautiful invite customers to subscribe to the mailing list of our marketing copy, if the marketing copy write well, there will be up to 40%~50%, or even more customers become your subscribers, of course, this is the master of marketing according to the psychological state, and perfect marketing. I’m afraid this you are not written, but at least 20% of the subscription rate so we can write the copy, even in some exaggeration, to step back and say, even if only 10% of the poor subscription rate, it is also quite impressive, count: 5000000*10%=500000, a total of 500 thousand subscribers, the is your


you know, the QQ mailing list is permission marketing, 500 thousand emails in the instant sending subscriber mailbox, and more than 98% of the successful delivery rate, not into the junk mail! Unless you mail illegal keyword too much, and subjected to the report! In addition, QQ mail after receiving it on QQ. There is a pop prompt! It can increase message display rate hits! So late mail copywriter, also to write some awesome

can!If you have the

500 thousand database, also worry no money? This is the number of followers like Sina micro-blog, a micro-blog, fans will be able to see your mailing list, a database mail, all subscribers you also can see



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