WeChat interpretation of the new regulations the next step in WeChat marketing intention


since the introduction of the WeChat public platform in 2012, micro marketing will be popular in the country, as the darling of micro marketing – WeChat, was also provoked a show". But the truth is that people are more than red. WeChat marketing era of the product – WeChat’s public platform every move affects the hearts of millions of marketing people. In December 25th, that is, the Christmas in the west, WeChat’s public platform on the official website of the low-key release of the new rules, in this WeChat’s new rules for an in-depth interpretation and analysis.

rule 1: WeChat certified name even if there is no trademark, no need to add the company name or

The WeChat

operating public platform operators know, when the old rules of certification if the name is not referred to as enterprise certification is required to provide a certificate of trademark registration and certification in accordance with your name trademark registration certificate. After the promulgation of the new regulations, this threshold will be reduced.

Rule two: the new

certified public account name will not work with WeChat certified account name

then the problem, is not as long as the organization code certificate and business license can easily certified with one’s own body information inconsistent? The answer is no, you must be with the current name authentication has been certified public number, not heavy, or they will be regarded as infringement.

When the

prior to the company’s staff training, said WeChat is now certified public number name can also register the name, at that time WeChat is a weakening of copyright consciousness, the future may be slowly strengthened, because if there is no copyright restrictions, WeChat public number will spread, contrary to WeChat’s original intention.

there is a problem, if the enterprise has the name and trademark ownership, but also by other companies registered to do? We know that WeChat can not be changed after certification is the name of the public number, WeChat official explanation is if you think WeChat certified public platform on the public name you violated the legitimate right to the bottom left public platform entrance infringement complaints complaints. After verification, will be forced to rename or cancellation or Title Treatment on tort account processing.

by WeChat’s move to change the new regulations, we can see some clues, for the next step in the prediction of WeChat, I also have a slight idea:

forecast one: after the certification of public numbers will be more than non certified public number has a more priority display (ranking algorithm is very complex, here to get rid of other interference factors). Only the number of certified public numbers in front of the public can make the number of piracy disappear, of course, to put an end to it is impossible.

: the current forecast two certified public number is unable to change the name, in order to better protect the rights and interests of the trademark owner, WeChat public number may be opened after the change the name of the interface, there may be a change in January. This may be. >

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