Talking about the new version of WeChat 5 announced what can be learned from the webmaster

August 5th, it seems to us is a very ordinary day. But for WeChat, WeChat announced the new 5 days, as with the previous rumors not updated version of WeChat 5, mainly to increase the game function, payment function and speech recognition technology, independent research and development of Tencent Inc.

WeChat is able to send voice, text messages, expressions, pictures and videos to your friends via the mobile phone network, you can also share photos to friends circle. You can meet some new friends by looking at the people around you. Use sweep, can scan two-dimensional code, bar code, book and street. You can also play games in the game center, the use of WeChat payment, interact with the public number, etc.. The use of WeChat’s public platform, users can share the public account fans management, real-time communication, but also the use of advanced features – edit mode and development model for automatic user information. When the number of WeChat public platform concerns more than 500, you can go to apply for certification of public accounts. Through the promotion of public accounts, you can achieve a specific group of text, pictures, voice, a full range of communication and interaction. With the continuous improvement of WeChat features, WeChat marketing platform is also more popular.

below, I will add a few new features WeChat simple introduction:

WeChat to increase the two games, classic aircraft war and love every day to eliminate the

function: the new game fun game "classic aircraft wars" and "love every day to eliminate" the increase to attract users attention WeChat more, WeChat users can play games with friends whenever and wherever possible, to increase the game function makes WeChat gradually to the development of recreation direction, increase from the two games can be seen on the development of WeChat Tencent the game also has a certain importance.

version of the new WeChat 5 can bind the bank card, a key payment function to achieve

payment function: the new version of WeChat 5 can be directly bound to the bank card, the public number, sweep the two-dimensional code, App to achieve a key payment, user-friendly. When the user on the Internet to see the likes of the goods or the need to recharge the phone anytime, anywhere convenient and quick payment.

speech recognition technology to facilitate users to use voice input chat

speech recognition technology: when chatting with a friend WeChat, the other side is not easy to listen to the voice of their own and not convenient handwriting input, speech recognition input has played a huge role. With voice recognition input, making it easier for us to chat with friends.

January 2011 Tencent Inc launched WeChat (WeChat is a Tencent Inc launched a free chat software), until now has more than 300 million users, WeChat with the function of continuous improvement (New WeChat 5, WeChat users increased) gradually increased, the WeChat marketing platform gradually hot period, a model of WeChat, is very different with micro-blog WeChat platform, platform >

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