Million yuan forum new deal small and medium sized webmaster to perish

is a very naughty Christmas holiday, Christmas, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, along with the interpretation of festive atmosphere. The size of businesses will not easily let go of this golden opportunity, launched a variety of activities for Christmas: romantic atmosphere. However, this year’s Christmas make people feel lonely, on the contrary, many netizens to head up this Christmas to "quiet", Internet is perhaps the wind rain polished their passion.

sources said that in this unprecedented Internet rectification action, a number of provinces and cities with the wrong kill one thousand, let go of a

faith, take the closed room, shutting down all servers and inventory one by one online again, resulting in more than one hundred thousand small and medium-sized websites almost zero income, collective unemployment. So many webmaster tears, constantly laments the gates of fire, adverse impacts".

According to the

to strengthen the management of domain name registration ministry launched in December 16th, the special rectification action, will implement the blacklist system for domestic website domain name holder, will be shut down the website domain name holder into blacklist. Under the relevant departments to crack down, directly for telecom operators the weight of responsibility, service tens of thousands of domain IDC access providers have begun to adopt more stringent measures "white list system", all are not on the list are unable to access the domain name.

however, because only one site was found to have problems, will be closed the whole room access, so IDC access providers almost into the state of extreme nervousness. "state. In the past many ID C access to some "edge ball" website, can open one eye closed, now related to this "so there are of vital importance, today in some provinces and cities take the cleaning brush". Lead a new birth of network catchwords: now the Internet what is the hottest? Net off the most fire people have to shame.

in addition to this Internet consolidation action, the forum is also a high-profile area, the review is very strict. It is understood that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s Internet management, in the application of a special forum record preliminary conditions, one of which is to business websites must apply for ICP license, followed by BBS special filing. The ICP card is the first condition, the operator for the establishment of the company according to law. Registered capital shall be 1 million or more than 1 million.

includes Guangdong well-known IDC access provider Chinese nets, IDC access are around the country have made it clear that the message boards, forums and other interactive websites without access to the Internet electronic bulletin service license, can not be accessed. The regulations have been, but the action is being strictly enforced. Forums, blogs and other interactive content and access to a large number of licenses off the site.

one million is not a small number. In fact, now China’s Internet in many small and medium sites are difficult to meet the requirements of one million. If the designated forum for the survival of a million, you can expect that there will be many webmaster > namely

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