Almost rely on 1% of the head of the producer to achieve the commercialization of knowledge but this

Abstract: almost as a purely social network, an open question and answer community, in essence, determines the head of the user harvest applause easy, difficult to achieve knowledge. And these were fattened "ambition" knowledge net red, began to have loose circle know, to build their own "knowledge community" idea, known in order to retain them, are helping them to do so.


know almost live on-line four month report card

China Internet industry in recent years has two Mysteries: who will be the future acquisition of watercress? Know how will the future profitability of


the answer to the first question is blows in the wind, and the answer to the second question is about the outcome, in the past few months, know almost looks closer from the money.

a few days ago almost held a small media communication will be held, handed over a commercial report card:

held 557 games within a period of nearly live know, about an hour or so, almost live can give people an average of about $10 thousand in revenue (known to shout out the slogan is "hourly salary is not a dream ten thousand") ().

know almost live participants per capita consumption of 52 yuan, repeat purchase rate of up to 37%.

compared to leave WeChat cannot live into a (Ji Shisan titanium media activities in the speech should have talked about the future), from tens of millions of users in the community Q & A grow known live, can fully realize the self circulation in their community ecology.

at the same time, also known almost released since the beginning of 2013 e-book project: transcripts of more than three years time has sold 26 million e-books (although most of them are free "know almost weekly"), occupy four seats in 2015 Amazon Chinese list free ebook. Know almost also announced the launch of the E-book store in the field, so that users can know the inside can be purchased, read, discuss e-books.

This two

card is also known for extremely elegant and valuable, emboldened to this path. Although the founder week almost know the source said in an interview or there is no pressure on the profitability of commercial exploration, but the moment did not stop, but wildly beating gongs and drums.

source in the event announced the week almost know the future of the four strategy: the expansion of the use of the scene, to meet the larger and more segments of the needs of users to connect more organizations and institutions; the formation of more abundant network; implementation and platform media advertising revenue value; establishment of knowledge services, knowledge workers have access to the market first up.

these four strategies seem to stand in the perspective of the development of the user and the community, but none is paving the way for commercialization, and the first strategy is the premise of the following three strategies. The first strategy also means that almost know their own transformation – from the Q & a community turned into a knowledge platform.


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