Reiterate your view of the CN domain

CN domain name registration has successfully exceeded 8 million, once again climbed to a record high, CN domain name has been on the fast track to address these issues, put forward some views, but also to discuss the discussion.

Abstract: to speed up the development of the

CN domain is an inevitable trend, one yuan experience is a trigger, lit up the small and medium-sized enterprises and Internet application enthusiasm, according to the current development speed, CN domain name more than just a matter of time scale of tens of millions.

view: CN domain name is to accelerate the development of small and medium enterprises and Internet users are registered enthusiasm, but the real application of enthusiasm is not very high, this is mainly manifested in Internet users. On the current bandwidth price of China Telecom will be a comprehensive price adjustment in 2008, rising by more than 100%, which will also affect the CN domain name is an important threshold. The truth with our lives, in life if we can one yuan to buy a mobile phone, mobile phone tariff and relatively big rises in it, maybe the real can more people use mobile phone, but the mobile phone has indeed many.

Abstract: This paper

Paul Toomey lamented: "Chinese Internet development speed is surprising, this year the development of CN domain name is a miracle!" he predicted, the pace of development in accordance with international experience and China Internet, in the near future, the CN domain size will exceed 10 million, and beyond the German DE domain name

view: the pace of development of China’s Internet is indeed surprising, it is undeniable that China’s Internet development speed. From this year, a number of Chinese companies listed on the Internet can be explained, the Internet is moving towards maturity, to standardize. The CN domain name than other countries, entered the world top ranked first in the ranks of the domain name, it is only a matter of time, after all China population, the popularity of the network quickly, Chinese Internet into the ranks of great powers has been outstanding.

pick text: CN domain one dollar experience action is a timely rain, it reduces the barriers to entry of the network, attracting more social groups to enjoy the CN domain name. CN domain name has created another proud of China speed, China’s Internet ushered in a new climax

view: the low price of CN domain name storm created a rapid increase in the number of Chinese domain name registration. Paul Toomey said, the domain name is the same as the interests of Internet users are closely related, its price should be at a reasonable level. I do not know whether the price is too low or the current market price reasonable, in this author reservations. But low prices will also affect the development of the ecological chain of the internet.

pick text: experts believe that for the domain name, the registration is better than the barren. The domain name resources can be likened to a virtual field, if someone is willing to rent the land, he will certainly try to develop this field, certainly more than this barren land, where No one shows any interest in. For the domain name, if a domain name ten years or even a century no one registered, in fact, equivalent to idle and abandoned. "Compared with such idle desolation, even"

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