Daily topic feel the crisis Wanda shares time network layout movie O2O platform

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 6th news at the end of August, Wanda announced a strategic investment in Mtime time, both sides started the film business O2O business cooperation. The two sides will fully expand the film business of O2O business, the use of mobile Internet will promote and movie theaters, movie derivatives line seamless connection, to create a new mode of film business, to better serve the film makers, cinema and public viewing.

Mtime’s time network is one of the earliest Chinese film review website, and then gradually expand the business to movie tickets, film promotion, film derivatives sales, etc.. In 2013, the company had a ten million dollar financing. But because of the frequent personnel changes and other reasons, the time in the movie business network has fallen behind the opal film, micro ticket etc. the bright younger generation.


net CEO Hou Kaiwen said: "with Wanda cinema cooperation, Wanda business and terminal fusion time network movie users, the use of big data, mobile applications, to create a full range of film service platform, to better enrich the film industry, promote the film culture."

Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun said: "with Wanda in the theater time network terminal, through online and offline, so that both business and services have complementary effect best, for film companies and provide users with comprehensive, one-stop service is convenient, it is an open platform, but also for all the cinema O2O service."

, an industry study said that the acquisition time of the Wanda cinema network 20% stake, in fact, is just a layout in the strategic and financial. The strategy, Wanda cinema itself needs an online system to expand revenue. Financially, if time can independently listed, Wanda cinema in finance will have a decent return. After all, the acquisition is only 20% of the equity, and no acquisition of, indicating that the meaning of time for Wanda Wanda network is not very significant, but also shows Wanda very cautious on the line.


mobile Internet era, a large number of fallen behind PC Internet Co. Time network was lucky not completely left behind! This time, how to completely enter the era of mobile Internet, mobile Internet to inject genes, not only is placed in front of the time network problems, but also all the traditional television companies face the common problem, otherwise the home will be behind the whole era


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