The nine rich marketing puzzle fans

Jiu Fu’s financial Wukong with a WeChat public line number day volume that is broken million, the seventh day volume one-day break 10 million; twenty-third days, the cumulative volume of over 1 hundred million…… Since less than 10 months, has more than 5 million fans, monthly turnover exceeded 1 billion, while the total nine rich platform user’s current number has exceeded 18 million, ranking first in the P2P platform. Many Internet Financial entrepreneurs come to learn to follow, but rarely have success, nine rich foreign fans marketing is still a mystery.

recently, WeChat has always insisted on marketing fans of nine rich but suddenly released their nine rich wallet APP, even 38 million pound heavily "Ho throw 3" Dad where to go, why Jiu Fu trying to star fans marketing and brand marketing fans? Mobile phone marketing fans have small meters, Internet marketing has nine financial fan Fu, Liu Kuang today came to readers secret Jiu Fu Fan marketing puzzle.

WeChat fans marketing

before the release of the nine rich wallet APP, Jiu Fu has been launched, wecash Wukong financial silver flash, jingle wallet, stage GO, stage, the loan you fly, crayons small gold tickets and a variety of mobile financial products, but let people feel quite unexpectedly, nine rich mobile gold so much financial financial products actually there is a mobile APP, all WeChat public platform based on WeChat based fans for marketing.

at the end of 2014, held a China Wukong financial Internet financial first fan Festival – "empty powder Festival" in Beijing 798 Art District, from the beginning, empty powder began to become synonymous with the Internet financial fans. The Internet financial industry has always been outside the industry that is an industry relatively inflexible, where there will be fans of the said financial products, financial Wukong is no doubt to show us a successful case of "fan marketing", the public number to get the amount of 5 million 200 thousand fans in 9 months. Then, nine rich WeChat fans marketing success where is

?The success of

, nine rich WeChat fans marketing is the investment gifts, from its inception to date, Wukong financial WeChat fans have been constantly marketing gifts. Take this one’s "Daddy where Wukong financial and" cross-border cooperation, as long as users concerned about the financial Wukong WeChat public number, you can directly receive 1000 yuan of financial capital, enjoy 6.5% of the expected annual yield, 32 day return to cash, this is a great temptation to many fans who.

second, interaction and communication between the nine rich WeChat fans and fans pay great attention to marketing, through the interaction and communication, to keep abreast of the trends and needs of fans even recommended products, concerns, which greatly strengthened product fans sticky, also brought a number of users more.

third, Internet financial products have the most core factor is safety, Jiufu through 9 years.

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