Grass root is how to play counter attack from the media

it’s a good time for everyone to have a say. Now micro business prevails, existing problems, QQ space, blog and other commercial atmosphere is overweight; became a product site, this is a serious misunderstanding; a permanent solution, or to build a personal brand and media. However, grass root can be fun to play from the media? How to play


first choice position: QQ space to play, which is currently the most simple and operational from the media platform.

specifically how to do QQ space?

1 to create your QQ space name

2 write your subtitle


3 generates a lot of original content, and the content should not be over commercialized

The focus of

space, is to build your personal image; to create a personal image, you need to self positioning.

combined with your positioning, refining their labels; from the details of the start, step by step.

through your talk, log, pictures, so that others subtly accept your label!


content, the pursuit of originality, continuous training of their own original ability, content is king of the times, the original ability strong, a platform to play, you can cross platform rapid expansion, the premise is, have a good ability of original


in addition to doing this from the media, but also to understand the content, to avoid errors:

1 from the media not only to write the original article, but also learn to create articles, not in order to original and original, in order to value and original.

2 from the media to write their original value, you have to think of a profit model. If you write a blog for a few years, there is no income, I believe you will give up, do not make money for the purpose of self media is a failure.

3 from the media, we must think of a way to maintain the operation of the blog blog, when the blog traffic is not large, we do not support, to learn to change their minds, learn to adapt.

through the QQ space this social platform, the people do, you have to push the product, it does not worry about sales!

return to the essence of social platform, showing value, contribute value, so that they have value; so that the product sell, let it go!

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