How to solve the problem of web page similarity

here to sum up a few small methods, neither sophisticated

method: split method

the original continuous article, the average interception into 2 segments or more 3.

benefits: to reduce the similarity, improve the speed of visitors browsing, increase page access

shortcomings: the article can not be continuous browsing, the original one-time browsing becomes cumbersome, while the optimization of the title of Title also have some disadvantages, because there will be repeated. But it doesn’t matter if it’s small.

method two: follow method

adds a paragraph to the end of each paragraph, which can be a reminder, a small survey, or a recommendation for another article.

benefits: to further reduce the similarity, to give more information, to provide more features. For example, "back to the top"

disadvantages: improper use will reduce the user experience, if the use of JAVASCEIPT and so on have the potential to affect the page loading speed, interfere with the main line.

method three: label method

add a note after a specific keyword. For example: we advocate SEO (SEO related information) thought is…

benefits: increase the user experience, so that customers can learn more familiar with the professional terms, so as to better understand the meaning of the article. You can also naturally repeat keywords, increase keyword density.

disadvantages: if used too much, it will cause the page information chaos, reduce the user experience. Increase the page volume, reduce the loading speed. Interfere with the original keyword layout and density.

method four: stealth method

will be of no practical use of the word instead of using pictures, optimized GIF images only a dozen bytes, will appear in the part of specific words or words for stealth, also can be very good to reduce the effect of the page similarity.

advantages: do not interfere with the keyword layout, does not interfere with the user experience, does not affect the browsing and loading speed, effectively prevent the collection.

disadvantages: only a little increase in loading time, but almost negligible.

this method can also get rid of the public part of each page, such as the bottom of the frame part of the site, the company information, etc., can be placed inside the framework to avoid search engines crawl.

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