Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Forum promotion and blog promotion

is the most popular way to promote the promotion of the forum and blog promotion. All the webmaster have experienced Forum promotion method and blog promotion method. Because these two methods are free, easy to use, instant. It was caused by their longevity. For the forum to promote the advantages and disadvantages in fact. With good success with well, be nothing difficult, it is all ShanTie titles will be gone. Therefore, the author today to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods

forum to promote

benefits: because of its free nature, so very popular with the owners, after all, most of the individual owners are three no one, no money, no channels of the two, no contact with the three. Therefore, the forum has become the promotion of these love. Forum promotion can play an immediate role. Generally speaking, when their topic or to others reply, can also promote their own websites, the main point is whether their posts or reply to other posts, content is the most important, like those meaningless reply did not visitor browse, not to mention the promotion. Most of the time, the post is according to subject the landlord to effectively reply, this has two advantages, a reply by the landlord posts do move, restore their content to the above post content has a very sharp contrast, the two is if your content has any value, so many of them will open your character signature into the site. The forum is also a lot of popular because of its popularity and promotion, such as the use of the forum is a good way to promote the head, because of his prominent position so the first thing is to promote the information.

second technician theme, this is the best way to promotion, the equivalent of the portal site submission, because of the relatively large staff of popular forum, the general post will be a lot of people to click browse, a Haotie sure are a lot of people agree, not carefully to the administrator on fine words, you have come to browse more users. Personalized signature is also commonly used in the promotion of the webmaster, now the use of personalized signature push for a wide range of webmaster means can be described as endless ah. There is a personalized signature to change the color of the text, there are large, the purpose is to attract attention.

drawbacks: most of the forums have begun to do the external chain restrictions, which caused a lot of negative reasons for the promotion of the webmaster. Of course, there are still a part of the forum is open chain function. There are some rely on the number of points for the integration of the chain, the most common is the level of personalized signature word. So, Forum promotion efforts is more and more low, because there are various restrictions, such as new members can not send links with the post, membership reach what level before they can use a hyperlinked signature, these are not conducive to the webmaster forum with promotion, but this limitation is some of the relatively large size of the forum, so for webmasters to promote their website is undoubtedly one disaster after another, as we all know, the hair in the weight of the high place chain can quickly improve your site row >

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