Baidu bidding quality and solutions to the dump

encountered a decoration account, the quality of the dump, perhaps before people read my article said that we should not be too concerned about the quality of the key focus in transformation. But if by our mistake operation led to the quality of dump, then how should we solve? Today in my blog, a detailed description of what causes the quality of dump and solutions.

SEMER is here to remind you, "the quality we need not care too, but we can not care about the quality of the optimization if there do not understand can go to my blog before. The article, here is no longer with the details. Here we will discuss the topic today, first look at the quality of this account:

first we see the account of the quality is not very high, the account of the quality of the key words of basic in 2, 3, 4 points, 5 points (including 5 points) above the keywords and less; we can obviously see August 27th keywords quality degrees on dump, then we have to analysis why would lead to the quality of the entire account of such a big change.

, a Baidu air

Baidu background upgrade or other adjustments will lead to reduced quality, but Baidu is rarely appeared in such a situation, there will not be such a large-scale keyword quality dump, so here to say, Baidu adjust or upgrade this may be small, but does not include that this will be the case. (tip: This is the original Baidu certified marketing consultant Yao Ruibin, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to communicate more About Baidu for promotion friend, please visit Yao Ruibin (phonetic) card or mother use Baidu Search Yao Rui Bin. Please retain the copyright information.


two, the operator of the wrong operation

bidding friends should know that the factors affecting the quality of the three main aspects, click rate, and the correlation between the account history performance, if we are bidding on keywords personnel accounts within the overall price, resulting in reduced click rate so that the key word in the entire account dump. This factor is not possible, why do you say, if you click on the rate of decline in the quality of the degree of decline, but it will make the entire account keywords dump, so click rate of this factor, we don’t think too much.

we exclude the influence factors of the click rate, at the same time we think if we are on account of the landing page or batch replacement is to modify the idea has changed due to the correlation between keywords, creative, landing page three, but we think we do these operations will be indirect changes and will not our entire account keywords quality degrees so we suddenly don’t consider the correlation.

above we exclude the impact of hits and correlation on the account of the keywords quality degrees dump, then reconciliation >

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