Sina Q micro blog leaked screenshots a major profit model is the beginning make only superficial cha


recently, a screenshot of sina Q micro-blog users @ my space posted to the sun, and its official website is still displayed in the closed test, but we still can be seen from the Sina CEO @ Cao Guowei prior to the 6 profit model micro-blog set (interactive advertising, social games, electronic commerce, real time search, wireless value-added services) data, two kinds of the value-added services and e-commerce.

micro-blog will soon launch virtual goods?

first, you can see the change of micro-blog’s user interface, there appeared many lovely images, the estimation of these virtual goods are users need to spend money to buy, but also is the value-added services.

e-commerce coming soon?

on the upper right corner, see "mall" link. Although there is no way to determine how Sina e-commerce, but they are nothing more than two ways: first, everything from scratch to build, the two is the micro-blog chain to the existing e-commerce site. However, in view of sina recently reached a partnership with Taobao, if you take the second road, then it is estimated that it may be the preferred e-commerce provider Sina micro-blog. However, taking into account the desire of Cao Guowei to build micro-blog into China’s Facebook goal, it is entirely to create an independent e-commerce platform is not knowable.

SMS, homepage and social games have come in a throng


you can see the message center and my business card in the above picture, these two functions should be micro-blog’s SMS and upgrade the home page. In addition Sina vice president Peng Shaobin has announced its social game center will be launched in the first year to all developers is completely free and open (i.e. money into their own pockets all the developers, it is very good kind).

Sina micro-blog social coverage continues to expand

according to the data provided by the network show that there are currently about 9% of the share from Sina micro-blog, second only to the number one ranked Qzone, and far more than the number of Sohu and Tencent ranked third in the top 3%.

Although Sina micro-blog

development very fast, but the prospects are very bright, but investors have expressed concerns about the practice of Cao Guowei, worried that he may due to the platform integration too much and ultimately destroy this platform.


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