The six trends of the development of vertical and diversified financial websites

iResearch 2009 "Chinese online financial information service industry development report" analysis that 2007-2009 is a critical year of financial website development, grasp the long-term trend of development, is extremely important for the future of financial website.

trend one: the user is king

iResearch consulting analysts believe that the user is king law in the network of financial information services industry is fully applicable. From the analysis of market share and user scale, financial website does not appear a single large case, each website competition is very full, the market position may change considerably in a short period of time (such as 08 years of great wisdom and compass).

The key to success is competition for

users, users switch in the market mechanism of the cost is not high, follow the "vote by foot", and the market of Party A, both advertisers and investors or users themselves, are in accordance with the amount of users (web traffic) and user dependent (website viscosity) to determine the website operation quality, in order to to determine the budget. User is a common concern of all participants in the market indicators.

trend two: vertical, sub public

Ari analysis of 08 years of development financial website, vertical, differentiation and focus is the basic development direction of online financial information service, the basic development direction is the Internet and the Chinese industry. Who is personalized, is changing, so demand is. When the economy is more and more developed, can continue to meet the individual needs of their own. The long tail theory pointed out that the use of the Internet to meet the needs of the individual can also create considerable benefits.

financial website established carriers or new entrants, constantly looking for different requirements, and solutions are relatively good, is the leading financial website has been the only proper course to take in the increasingly fierce competition.

trends three: finance 2.0

Web2.0 explained that the Internet has become a two-way transmission from one-way transmission, from the center of the completion of the center. Interactive, audio-visual and convenient search together constitute the characteristics of the web2.0. How to finance 2? IResearch survey data show that in 2008, the financial website user service used, the use of blog, search, community and video rate were 44.9%, 35.7%, 34.8% and 34.2%. has more than 1/3 people began to use financial 2.0.

at present, more powerful financial websites have these four as the basic configuration. IResearch believes that the four products can achieve understanding exactly what value, to help users solve what problem, how they will function to the maximum, the operator must consider the problem.

trend four: group

Ai Rui consulting believes that in recent years, the trend of network financial media group is more obvious, financial software providers also have some of the group of cases (classic case: the financial sector). There are two ways of grouping

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