Facebook’s next frontier chat robot


Facebook chat robot


technology news Beijing time on April 13th morning news, Facebook said on Tuesday that the company has been open for developers to develop Messenger application "chat robot" Hope "between users and enterprises through the promotion of dialogue" to expand the application of Messenger in customer service and business transactions in.

The so-called "

chat robot" can refer to the automated procedures for communication between users and help enterprises, can perform tasks such as online purchase, this represents a dominant position in the enterprise and user relationship opportunities for Facebook. Facebook is committed to promoting the user through Messenger applications and business contacts, rather than through third party sites and 1-800 hotline.

Facebook Mark · CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) on Tuesday at the F8 annual developer conference in San Francisco, said: "you will never have to call the 1-800 hotline."

experts said that due to the huge user base owned by Facebook, the company has obvious advantages in the development of "Chatbots", the reason is compared with other existing companies, Facebook will be better to make interactive shopping become personalized recommendations.

Zuckerberg also released a keynote speech at the developer conference announced that its live product Facebook Live will be open to developers, so as to develop new features for this product. Currently, Facebook is seeking to encourage users to share more original content on their website.

besides, Zuckerberg was in his keynote speech from the normal company news updates free from obscure references to the 2016 presidential election. He especially mentioned the leading Republican candidate Donald · Trump (Donald Trump) speech, called the "terrible voice heard that wall and stop immigrants".

Zuckerberg announced at the beginning of the theme of the Facebook’s ten year plan, which includes advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality, etc..

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