University Professor founded a good man to encourage people to do good things


, a professor at the South China Normal University, who has spent almost all his time teaching, does not have anything to do with the professor: to help people who are in trouble in their lives, to get a good return. (Tian Jianchuan / chart)

Author: Southern Weekend freelance,

A professor at the

university teachers ideological and political, trying to help the courageous take "risk of doing good". He had a "good man", and set up a "helped the elderly fund", just want to let people have the courage to help the elderly fall street.

you are Chinese, you see the old man fell down to help. If he were to correct you, we offer you assistance, if lost, we pay for

! "

cash this "Support style" is a professor at the South China Normal University School of politics and administration about. In 2008, the main ideological and political Professor led the establishment of the "Chinese good network" (hereinafter referred to as the "good network"), and the "good people" as its concept and website.

talk on the third floor of the classroom building, South China Normal University, the corner of the studio is the headquarters of the good guy network. Filled with good network publicity materials, small office, about lean here and volunteers for he claimed to be "rescue good cause", his 52 year old greying hair.

three years, the network has helped the good guy to do good deeds of the more than and 50". In March 2011, they set up a good network helped the elderly fund "about commitments to help the elderly by the" good guys ", encountered in the lawsuit, good network organization of public interest lawyers hand failed, for his good network compensation.

this promise to allow the parties to quickly go to the media spotlight, become the focus of public opinion. In the case of Peng Yu, Little Yue Yue event, rejecting apathy has become the mainstream of social background, dare to help the elderly fall "has become the people’s heart problems continue to recover. Talk about the good man network came into being.

let good people have "backstage"

Tan said, have helped the elderly lawsuit trial court logic are almost "not why you hit to help", but to settle the case, but no conclusive evidence to settle a lawsuit, "social overkill".

Zhejiang Jinhua lad Wu Jundong is the fourth person good network "helped the elderly fund" to help, he has a nickname called "Jinhua version of Peng Yu on the network".

November 23, 2010, Wu Jundong drove his father’s three wheeled motorcycle on his way home, more than an old couple riding electric cars. Wu Jundong recalled, before overtaking him by the horn, and then went to see the electric car on the roadside, he sailed straight over.

I get out more than 20 meters, suddenly heard someone shouting, looking back to see the electric car >

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