The national anti pornography office to carry out the deployment of special operations to welcome th March 29 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) 29, director of the National Conference on city "the pornography Office held in Nanjing. National pornography working group responsible person requires all around the web to crack down on all kinds of illegal publications and harmful information, is held in Shanghai World Expo to create a good cultural environment and other key work, strengthen organizational leadership, coordination, prevention and treatment, to further promote this "anti pornography" work, to ensure the healthy and prosperous culture market.

Shanghai World Expo to do security work, the national anti pornography office decided from April 1st to October 31st to carry out the World Expo pornography special action in the country. The special action of the general requirements are: to create a good cultural environment closely around the market situation in Shanghai World Expo, hold high the banner of protection of intellectual property rights, to combat piracy publications as the breakthrough point, through the implementation of a comprehensive inventory of all kinds of market, strengthen the management of the Internet, trying to cut off and the origin, seriously investigate and deal with major cases, the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism and other measures, strict to combat all kinds of illegal publications and harmful information online, efforts to combat piracy, the establishment of the World Expo anti pornography defense cooperation mechanism.


session, around the anti pornography office will continue to make concerted efforts for prevention and treatment, clean off, investigating cases, pushy, often catch method and requirements of unremitting, carry out the fight against mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information special action, effectively perform comprehensive, guidance, coordination and supervision responsibilities. At the same time, the implementation of the key projects, such as the establishment of the linkage mechanism between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, establish and perfect for emergency pornography emergency plan and 24 hours of reported receiving mechanism.


reporter was informed that from January to February this year, a total of 5 million 34 thousand illegal publications confiscated, including 110 thousand pornographic publications, piracy publications 4 million 649 thousand, 148 thousand illegal newspapers and periodicals; investigating false newspapers, fake reporters, fake reporters, fake news 55 cases, confiscated 5 illegal CD production lines. Since last November in the fight against mobile phone website to spread pornographic information special action, a total of 275 cases with pornographic publications, Internet pornography cases of L57, including mobile phone closed pornographic websites, illegal websites more than 140 thousand in accordance with the law, the Internet and mobile phone network environment significantly purification.

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