Five heavy beat Com domain color green site is still a safe haven

December 29th news in the face of national pornography office, foreign affairs office, Ministry of industry and other nine ministries jointly combat, many containing pornographic content vulgar website has been sealed up or shut down, jurisprudence site remediation action has achieved initial results. However, due to the considerable number of mobile porn sites instead of registering COM domain name, mobile porn sites to combat the situation is still grim.

of the national anti pornography Working Group Office full-time deputy director Zhou Huilin said that the main problem existing at present, one is some pornographic websites have not been effectively dealt with, especially a considerable part of the server to the outside; two is a pornographic web site does not close in time, the main reason is technical and procedural the.

as an example of the infamous "May day" website. Internet users only need to enter the phone in the browser browser in May, the first day of the alphabet alphabet, plus.Com domain name, that is,, you will find the domain name automatically jump to the According to an industry source, the owner of the site also has hundreds of.COM domain names, ready to replace and jump to each other, in order to prevent the investigation and punishment of the relevant departments.

according to the Ministry of industry on the domain name of the five measures, from January 1, 2010 onwards, there is no record of the domain name, will stop the domain name resolution. To deal with the "record method analysis", many personal website operators have registered.Com domain name, domain name using the transformation means to avoid regulation, part of pornographic websites blocked it back. The reporter learned from relevant departments, is currently known to jump the domain name of the yellow website, about 90% for the.Com domain name.

from the domain name market reaction, CNNIC12 announced the 9.CN domain name registration after the real name system, while the.COM domain name registration surge. Up to now, less than 20 days, from Chinese within the.COM domain name up to about 200000, growth of 10 times, of which many.COM domain name will be used for the domain name to jump jurisprudence site, still can make nothing of it.

it is understood that the current registered a domain name com procedure is very simple, do not need to fill out the real information of the domain owner, only need to leave e-mail can be completed, also can directly through the Alipay network payment. The United States, the largest domain name registrar Godaddy, and even take advantage of the occasion of the domestic regulation of the domain name, a Christmas promotion.

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