2015 venture capital market data points O2O is still the biggest hot

with the development of Internet, mobile Internet and the popularity of all aspects of people’s lives in a qualitative change, the traditional entity industry challenges and opportunities coexist in the circumstances to transformation, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere. Since China’s reform and opening up a number of entrepreneurial tide, many people will be defined as the starting point of the fourth entrepreneurial tide in 2015.

in general, although since the second half of 2015 Internet entrepreneurs encounter the so-called "winter", but from the trend of the number of occurrence of nearly five years of financing case, 2015 is still in the peak of the Internet business.

combined with IT platform investment financing case orange data on all areas of the Internet in 2015 to sort out and study (data as of December 22nd), found that the growth trend from the financing amount, because the capital market appeared in effect greater volatility, the fourth quarter of 2015 to get the number of financing projects fell sharply; in terms of geographical distribution, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong is a hot investment area; from the point of view of investment stage, mainly concentrated in the A round, and later get the number of financing projects significantly reduced; O2O the field of electronic commerce, local life is the financing case in most areas, but the second half of the year compared with the first half of the financing case number was significantly reduced.

first, in 2015, the outbreak of the outbreak of a sharp decline in the number of Q4 financing

on the whole, in 2015 the total number of financing cases reached 3932, representing a substantial increase over the past five years. Data show that in 2010 the financing case occurred in 2011 302, the financing case occurred in 2012 615, the financing case occurred in 2013 805, the financing case occurred in 2014 1332, financing case 3078.


among them, in 2015, 1020 cases of Q1 financing, Q2 financing cases of 1099, Q3 financing cases of 1161, Q4 financing cases of 652.


from the data, the number of investment cases in the first three quarters of steady growth, but there was a significant decline in the fourth quarter. This is because at the beginning of 2015, the Internet investment in the field to open the crazy mode. Then, due to the stock market shocks in 5, June, the capital market has been a greater volatility, the sharp decline in share prices led to the heat of the Internet investment has dropped.

two, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong is the most popular areas of entrepreneurship

from the investment point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong is the most popular investment areas, the largest number of Beijing, in addition to Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and many companies have access to financing.


among them, the Beijing region is the largest investment in the region, a total of 1611 investment cases, accounting for 42%; Shanghai ranked the first place, a total of investment cases of 816, accounting for more than 21%; Guangdong ranked > > (third)

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