The dilemma and future of CN domain name overseas registrar

[GoDaddy what happened]

from the U.S. domain name registrar GoDaddy announced in March 24th: it no longer provides users with online registration of.CN domain name so far. I summed up the media say. GoDaddy reports on the following categories:


1, overseas media, almost all of the English media has two tendencies: one is that GoDaddy and another CN domain name registrar with Google company from overseas China government; two is also not exclude it as GoDaddy by means of event marketing ideas.

2, Hong Kong and Taiwan media: most of Hong Kong and Taiwan media is also agreed to leave the Chinese market GoDaddy argument.

3, mainland media: it now appears that there are three different views. The first point of view is to copy the overseas media and Hong Kong and Taiwan media perspective; the second view is the commercial endorsement perspective, it is divided into two opposite aspects. One is the promotion of "ulterior motives", the other party is against the school, called the GoDaddy out of the China one; the third view is the government’s position to send. They are mainly interviews, citing government policy support people’s point of view: "take the anti" ride "promotion in China foreign domain name service provider for alleged illegal showmanship".

More than

of American domain registrar GoDaddy event announced it from March 24, 2010 (U.S. time) after no longer provide users with all kinds of media news online registration.CN domain 11 be arranged, I give you a telephone line CN domain name registered overseas business overseas total generation of American Neustar company’s reply to the truth.

[telephone line United States Neustar]

Neustar company is responsible for processing the CN domain name of overseas registered business is mainly three people: Fernando, Mutonyi and a technical support engineer.


phone line Neustar technical support engineer

23:26 on March 24, 2010, the United States Neustar line technical support engineer, on the phone to him about the CN domain name registered overseas business dilemma.

[CN domain name overseas registrar dilemma]

the technical support engineer in the last 20 minutes of the phone, the introduction of the current CN domain name overseas registration business problems encountered with the GoDaddy related information, mainly the following:

1, at present, CNNIC requires CN domain name overseas registered new registered.CN domain name must provide Chinese organization documents, such as: Chinese company "business license", so that the application domain.CN >

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