Luxury website Portero 6 million 600 thousand venture capital

                February 21st news, luxury website Portero recently announced that the company received $6 million 600 thousand in venture capital. It is reported that the funds mainly from the headquarters of the LFE capital in Minneapolis, the original shareholders of the Fund (The Grosvenor) and other additional investment.

in the severe economic situation, Pertero’s revenue is still maintained substantial growth. The money will help us improve the user experience and increase the type of website luxury, Portero CEO Bob Schwartz said.

recently joined the Portero board of LFE CEO Leslie con (Fré), said: LEF attaches great importance to the growth potential of the company. Portero will be a good development both in the present and in the future, because it can provide consumers with an excellent online luxury trading platform. Portero mode of operation so that it can still maintain a strong competitive edge in the severe economic situation." is a well-known consumer luxury goods, consumers have a high degree of credibility. In addition, Portero sales of products both new products and second-hand items, including watches, handbags, jewelry and jewelry, etc., and all of its products are certified sales. Allegedly, the next Portero will be from the past to the development of simple luxury auction platform integrated trading. (

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