Chinese investors are buying nternet domain name


.Com rich, almost everyone has heard the term. If you registered the domain name 20 years ago, then you may not need any mortgage in your life

that was 20 years ago. However, in China, the domain name trading just started a few years ago, is currently very hot.

China has the world’s richest people, but for the Chinese, how to invest in these assets (especially overseas investment) has long been a challenge. Due to the existence of such demand, China has had a variety of investment fever. Some investment opportunities bring good returns, while other investment opportunities, such as bitcoin, can not sustain the growth of wealth.

so, if you find a digital asset, the asset tax, rare, portable, the market already exists, then you will see the value of the assets soaring.

when the rich make investment decisions, ordinary people may not be aware of such investment opportunities. The truth behind the scenes is often unknown, when mainstream media reports say a painting auctioned for $100 million, or when a rare coin sold $245 thousand. Such investment opportunities usually contain a huge market, the growing demand for users, or reliable historical sales data.

It seems

at my wife, domain name is the core of investment tools. The reported value of the domain name transaction has reached $20 million per month, while the size of the unreported transaction may be higher. Domain trading is not new. DNJournal started selling domain names as early as 14 years ago. Over the past few years, many big brands have paid higher prices for important domain names. Facebook bought the domain name for $7 million 500 thousand, while the Texas Rangers acquisition of domain name price reached $375 thousand.

indicators from the past 10 years, the secondary domain name trading market is becoming increasingly popular. In January this year, the industry conference held in Las Vegas, attracted more than 1000 participants.

, however, the real story today is not that a domain name has sold millions of dollars, but a rare set of domain names is seen by Chinese investors as investment vehicles. Domain names that are consistent with Chinese buying standards are now being traded like commodities, and prices depend on rarity. Investment in the domain name has reached tens of millions of dollars of funds, and such a hot trend did not appear signs of cooling.

compared with bitcoin market, the situation is completely different domain name trading market. As Tracy Fogarty of eNaming website pointed out: "domain name is a 20 year old mature industry. Regulators also not wearing tainted glasses to look at the domain name transaction, because the transaction may not.

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