Daily topic Jego is not a full moon that suspend nternet phone ban on mainland use

station network (www.admin5.com) June 24th news, a recent news about China Mobile "Skype application" Jego made from Jego6 raise a Babel of criticism of 1 July, on-line application to suspend the service, the whole process less than a month.

June 22nd morning, Jego’s official website issued a related note "Jego products to suspend new customers registered, said" the Jego network is oriented to roaming and overseas customers design, and network nodes are overseas, and Jego products and systems is still in the trial stage optimization of China Mobile international, will be temporary since June 22, 2013 stop Jego new customers registered, and the temporary closure of China mainland customers use between Jego and Jego audio and video telephone function in mainland Chinese."

why on-line only a month to stop the service? It was analyzed that two reasons, one is the product of the BUG Cheetos people simply can not imagine that this is a mature business, users complained that such product launch was not for domestic users, but some users are registered with the lucky after a voice, SMS, the other was received, netizens ridicule Jego is really a wonderful


is the biggest characteristic of Jego is that people can use cheap international calls, regardless of where the overseas, only need to install the Jego in the mobile phone and connected to the data network, mobile and fixed telephone can dial free or preferential prices around the world. Such as playing from overseas to China only $0.022 per minute, about $0.13, cheaper than the world’s leading Internet phone tool Skype. After all, Jego is the telephone network, telephone network is used for voice transmission in internet protocol network, similar to the Skype. A few years ago, after the announcement of the launch of the Internet phone, causing many users happy, because international calls can be very cheap, and the price has been a sensitive factor for consumers.

but it’s illegal to know that VoIP is illegal in China, so China Mobile has to stop. Just like the foreign line has the function of network telephone, but because it is a foreign product, it is limited by domestic policy. Would like to have launched when WeChat launched a network phone function, but in the end only to achieve a voice recording, which, of course, with the domestic policy environment. In other words, not China Mobile wants to shut down Jego, but it does not shut down, unless it is prohibited to use in china.

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