Web2 0 rethink the relationship is the focus

      from the early development of Blog developed Web 2 operators, and the latest to join the market of new Societe Generale, respectively for the Web 2 has a different spirit of myth, the former is still in 1 in the mud, the latter is the emphasis on user participation to share the head.

      first, Web 2 is not the media, however, many Blog site operators are still doing content publishing (Content Publishing) business. Traditional news sites rely on editors to publish, and now it is the task of providing content to many people who write Blog.

      for example: blog China can be said to be the forerunner of China’s Blog, but for many years still can not do without "find someone to write column" model. The behavior of users in the above is the content of the browser, the site is still in the "content" as the core of the presentation type, and 1 no gap.

      Web 2 is not the user to participate in the provision of content grassroots media? How to say nothing to do with content? I feel: 1 of the content is "for the purpose of content browsing", and the content of Web 2 is to establish the relationship for the purpose, the content is only used to establish the relationship between the tools.

      in short, the commodity of the 1 era is "information", all of which is based on "how to deal with the information explosion", whether it is news website or search engine. The commodity in the Web 2 era is "relationship", which is "how to deal with the problem of relationship" and "how to deal with the relationship explosion".

      more simply, Web 2 has only one commodity that is "human". 1, we need content experts to help me run the early Internet companies; Web 2 era, we need is a sociologist, how to guide us to guide people in the virtual community interaction.

      anyone have "discovered" the demand of

      in 1999, the office of the network company to the library graduate who specializes in search engine classification; for editors of newspapers and magazines, solely because of the era of content channels; fully focused on information processing issues, so we need such professionals.

      Web 2 era, the ultimate goal of Web services, will focus on how to show a person on this matter. When it comes to people, we need to talk about people’s needs. Famous >

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