Look at the creative power of marketing through the Lan Xiang school attack event of Google

1, did not pay attention to the beginning of this thing, yesterday, when I was browsing the pig eight quit network community, accidentally saw a pig by the members to write the log, the title is to apologize to Google". Originally we pig network community is the main gathering version of a netizen posting here, all the contents are written by Internet users. Curiously, I went to see this log, the original idea an employee is the Lan Xiang school, pig online met a member of some cases seen in the member pig online done, add QQ two people chat, then wrote an article entitled "the United States Google said the hacker attack source in the investigation was actually China Shandong" information, and then through a number of channels on the Internet, which caused a lot of media attention, and then put the things to the increasing speculation.

2, and then later, the member received a lawyer’s letter Google, stopped this behavior. Then in the pig eight quit the personal space of the city made such a log, apologize to Google. From the diary can also see the members later and Lan Xiang also reached the late technical cooperation.

3, and then landing Sina technology today, only to find out that this thing has been a lot of hype, but also boarded the sina science and technology home, had to let people sigh creative marketing power.

4, as far as I can see, this is a speculation, but the point of speculation targeting the Google and now the most sensitive hackers, security. So it is easy to build a post a marketing event.

5, put aside the right to do so, in essence, this is a creative marketing. Such a thing, in the pig eight quit on the Internet too many times, and many customers find pig eight quit nets, or in the pig eight quit online search all kinds of talent, is to meet the needs of creative marketing. For example, there are a network of customers, called sign language, is to sell gifts, but also sell biscuits export. Her beauty, is the use of millions of pig online on membership, written signature for her each cookies, can be life reflections, can be clever, can be real stories of what happened to him before. Each purchase cookies, will receive a bookmark, it is these pig online collection of eloquence, this trick, let the customer sold in the Korean market.

6, such a lot of creative marketing case. Now the product competition, is not a simple product itself, but the marketing model of competition, and on the Internet, who’s more creative approach, who will have the opportunity to win. And creativity, and not by a person, or a few people, or even more than a dozen people will be able to brainstorm a collision, but 1 people think, and certainly not the same as the 1 thousand.

7, because the working relationship, and more recently in the field of creative marketing consider a lot of things, I think, in the next period of time, I will use my blog, and friends exchange a variety of topics of the creative marketing, but also can open the cloth.

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