Planning and promotion of network advertising

      you in Ali do is cpc  or monthly, recommend a website in 20. In the short term the cost of what, in fact these ah don’t care about you, a 1 million IP station even when no point, his purpose is achieved, you think Ma Yun it is sb, oh, in fact he does not really understand the network CEO is the most understand network. In fact, what kind of hope is the most cattle in the network, that is, he has become a part of people’s lives, the formation of a habit of the site. What problems would you say, go to Baidu, see the video you will see you go to potatoes, this is the starting point of the novel, habits, if what your site become people’s pet phrase you, station is the industry leader. Ah, what we do now is to let the owners to develop a habit of selling advertising to ali. Let me give a preliminary analysis of how he will form this habit.

      research shows that one thing to stabilize in the memory needed is repeated visual or other stimuli, now Ali has been done, adverstising flying all over the sky, what to buy ads, Ali, recommend a look station award 20 yuan, of course, or compare the cows. People generally interested in money. As a result, with a few months time most of the webmaster are familiar with ali.

      second, to form a habit of thinking even if one of his attributes can better meet the needs of some of you, or one of his attributes is the one and only, for example, why is a drug addiction, that kind of feeling is something else can give. Here is the webmaster Ali for the majority of small drugs, an addictive, why, to analyze the following Chinese, now the network alliance but not much good uneven in quality, and the high threshold, only from the station, other than the serious deduction amount is simply does not give you money, and payment cycle is long. A month, many also pay 100, this year some webmaster can also get 100 yuan, but now Ali is different, the payment is Zhou Fuyue, after the settlement money can be transferred to Alipay, Alipay can withdraw cash. So since Ali would become the majority of small owners to help straw. Second for some slightly larger stations, especially non industry station, Ali is very good, you can put a page of 3 Baidu 3 Google, you can also come to Ali, and as long as you flow real do not, is the monthly someone K you, and don’t put people to find their own advertising, very convenient, so, some stations also cannot do without him. So in the course of time, Ali will become the advertising of small owners accustomed to.

      the following is a digression, Ali has many deficiencies, I sold a bannne>

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