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In lyrics such as, you can travel with them any other day but on these dates. where treatment and facilities are more robust For Western workers though systems are already in place for those who become infected with Ebola And the procedures are comparatively fairy tales Patients are whisked away in futuristic medical evacuation planes Doctors rush to approve the use of experimental drugs They will live to tell their story or so it has been reassured in the US after the nation’s first confirmed Ebola patient But most Ebola-infected healthcare workers will not be as lucky as Dr Rick Sacra or his fellow American Ebola survivors Nancy Writebol and Dr Kent Brantly While one would think that healthcare workers of all people would be less likely to succumb to Ebola if they contracted the virus the fatality rate of Ebola-infected healthcare workers is a stunning 57% according to WHO’s most recent data Even more remarkable is that the overall case fatality rate of the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak is 47% and the two rates appear only to be diverging (A chi-squared test shows the difference is statistically significant at the 005 level meaning it is unlikely this discrepancy is due to chance) WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic cautioned that the numbers are not perfect but said they do illuminate a significant trend: Why are healthcare workers just as easily if not more easily falling victim to the virus they’ve set out to defeat Dr Buck’s story like similar cases suggests an insufficiency of resourcesor what some have alleged to be a “callous lack of compassion”to care for the African nationals who are the backbone of the Ebola aid force “[The discrepancy in fatality rates] is a natural occurrence because healthcare workers are the ones who are dealing with patients infected with Ebola” WHO spokesman Daniel Epstein said “We haven’t had good enough facilities in the countries to treat healthcare workers themselves” As citizens of Liberia Sierra Leone or Guineathe three main Ebola-affected countriesmany of these workers are not operating under the shelter of organizations like WHO and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Many locals are also working in poorer clinics that lack ancillary personnel or proper sanitation practices isolation units or supplies all of which are more readily available in clinics established by international agencies “An MSF center is sort of like going to the supermarket and buying a ready-made meal” said Dr Daniel Bausch an infectious disease expert who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone this summer “It comes with everything you need” Out of more than 200 total healthcare worker deaths MSF has lost only a few workers an MSF coordinator told reporters in Liberia two weeks ago revealing for the first time the group’s exposure WHO which has had at least one worker become infected has a policy to evacuate its own staff if they become infected with Ebola Epstein said But the agency cannot provide the personnel resources or money to evacuate local workers “We’re not the emergency evacuation service” Epstein added “We barely have enough money to send people out as it is” While WHO’s data does not delineate foreign and local healthcare worker infections Bausch who is also a frequent WHO consultant said that only around 10 of the over 300 total worker infections are expatriates The rest are local African workers Part of that difference is because there are simply more local workers said Dr Susan McLellan a Tulane professor who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone in August but the other part is the sheer nature of being a WHO staffer: “We specifically were not resource-poor” And if a WHO doctor were to fall sick Bausch described an unspoken promise between the agency and its staff: “If I try to recruit you as a healthcare worker to go to Sierra Leone in relatively rough circumstances to treat people with a dangerous disease it’s hard for me not to say ‘well we’re going to take care of you’” But between local workers that same promise of care while equally sincere is less dependable In Kenema Sierra Leone where Tulane professor Dr John Schieffelin arrived under WHO to treat Ebola patients each worker’s infection was a resounding blow to the local staff’s efforts not only to maintain care for patients but also for each other “When they see one of their colleagues fall ill it’s not just personally devastating because it’s one of their colleagues It’s also very unnerving for them because they all took the same precaution” Schieffelin said “Sometimes a lot of the staff may not show up for work for a couple of days because they were emotionally distraught about the situation” Bausch recalled similar memories of when he and another doctor put on their protective suits traveled to a Sierra Leone Ebola ward and discovered that they were the only two staff in a clinic of 60 Ebola patients There was stool vomit blood and even patients on the floor The nurses had gone on strike to demand better worker healthcare after some had fallen ill with Ebola “In some places it’s a very negative cycle” he said “You have a nurse who gets sick and the morale and willingness of the rest of the staff to keep working often goes down Then even fewer people are working in the ward and it gets more dangerous” Of the three main Ebola-affected countries Sierra Leone has the highest healthcare worker fatality rate of 71% a figure that has spiked in recent weeks It is more than twice the country’s overall case fatality rate of 27% (The difference is extremely statistically significant at the 00001 level) For comparison Liberia’s and Guinea’s healthcare worker fatality rates are 51% and 52% respectively and they are lower than the countries’ overall fatality rates Jasarevic who recently returned from visiting clinics in Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea denied that there are problems specifically affecting Sierra Leone’s healthcare workers Bausch and Schieffelin also believe the problems they observed in healthcare worker Ebola infections are not endemic to Sierra Leone Dr Susan McLellan a Tulane professor who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone in August said that it is difficult to compare conditions that are “abysmal” and “so far below what really needs to happen” But Sierra Leone has however lost the most number of local doctors with Dr Buck being the latest according to several reports The nation also has a steadily increasing number of new reported Ebola cases each week unlike Guinea and Liberia where figures have occasionally flatlined according to WHO’s latest data Sierra Leone is also the country where MSF provides the lowest bed capacity despite being the second hardest-hit country according to data provided by MSF spokesman Tim Shenk Regardless of what McLellan called “a trick of the numbers” the alarmingly high number of worker fatalities is driving a new treatment strategy that focuses on preserving the most valuable resources: the workers Epstein said the “priority” of the US troops deployed to West Africa was to establish treatment centers in Liberia specifically for healthcare workers and not patients a project that Jasarevic confirmed has not yet broken significant ground “Putting up hospitals specifically for healthcare workers is an inequity of care but it’s one of the only ways that one can convince people that they will be taken care of if they get sick in as good a manner that can be provided” said McLellan “It was my safety first their care next” Still treatment of ill healthcare workers is generally secondary to preventing their infection the sources of which are too plenty to count especially for local workers TIME reported for example that a Liberian ambulance worker was rushing to transport a sick child who vomited on his suit and didn’t stop to disinfect himself with a full-body chlorine spray In another case Epstein recalled a dispatch from a WHO doctor working in a hospital where 25 of the 28 local nurses were infected with Ebola due to either poor protection inadequate sanitation or even a careless needle stick McLellan added that local staff were routinely called upon by their families to treat potential cases in their homes where there isn’t adequate protection “Theres generally an assumption [local healthcare workers] get infected in the Ebola wards but we really dont know for sure if theyre getting infected in the wards or out in the community or while working in other clinics” Schieffelin said While WHO cautions that its data may not be fully representative several doctors said the healthcare worker fatality rate may mitigate the problem of precisely estimating the overall Ebola fatality rate which is almost impossible to know But Ebola in healthcare workers has a stronger documentation They are trained to spot symptoms and less likely to resist care They also generally receive treatment alongside their patients in the same clinics that employed them “[The healthcare worker fatality rate] is more likely to be truly reflective of what’s going on” Bausch said “It’s probably a little bit more of a true [overall] case fatality rate” And in that caseif patients are actually falling victim to Ebola as fast as healthcare workersthen the Ebola outbreak is even more dire that what’s currently reported The CDC estimated that there could be 14 million Ebola cases by January if there is no significant additional intervention And some doctors are urging with warranted selfishness that this extra help be provided to their own “We feel like we owe that to healthcare workers” Bausch said “We owe it to them for taking on these dangerous jobs” Contact us at [email protected] E3 2014 demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was unexpectedly hilarious Before it was over a horse had realistically defecated A large cardboard box had waddled from spot to spot in plain view of enemy soldiers An e-cigar that emitted holographic smoke became a trippy time machine And limp bodies vehicles and at one point even a tranquilized sheep flew through the air attached to makeshift helium balloons The series’ playful and often strange sense of humor is alive and well in The Phantom Pain But more often the demo which takes place in Afghanistan nine years after the events in Ground Zeroes played up the idea that The Phantom Pain is going to be as visually arresting tactically sophisticated and vast as its celebrated creator Hideo Kojima claims — as far removed from the original PlayStation game released in 1998 as a film like Raiders of the Lost Ark from Casablanca The demo also revealed a few things we hadn’t seen yet The series’ cardboard box you can wear like camouflage is back with a few new tricks: You can pop out of its upturned bottom to surprise enemies or quickly abandon it by cannonballing forward to evade suspicious guards Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker‘s “Fulton surface-to-air recovery system” that let you deploy harness-attached helium balloons to dispatch objects skyward is also returning allowing you to send enemies allies you’ve rescued poor wandering animals and even stuff as improbable as shipping containers and military SUVs zipping through the sky back to your Mother Base The Mother Base — your ocean-anchored headquarters in the game — can be custom-tailored section by section and benefits from all the content you manage to secure with the Fulton system That content includes natural resources you’ll have to glean through careful scouting and which you can sell to supplement your income Konami When you’re infiltrating enemy compounds from any number of vantages — the crux of the series’ new spatially open-ended selling point — you’ll find enemies keeping routines that correspond to full day and night cycles If you don’t want to wait in real time for guards to shift to positions that favor your tactical approach something called an e-cigar (or “phantom cigar”) that emits holographic smoke lets you speed up time And weather now happens dynamically and purposefully: At one point a sandstorm blew in thick enough to blot out everything onscreen shutting down your ability to spy and radar-tag enemies (though as well their ability to see you) In all the demo impressed as it was intended to confirming that all the classic Metal Gear DNA lives on stitched into an open world that requires you take the time to scout an area from multiple angles and observe enemy patterns set your own approach vectors and establish reliable exit points instead of being walked through restrictive scenarios corridor by corridor I caught up with Mr Kojima at E3 2014 to ask him about the game (at this point it still has no release timeframe) as well as his plans for the series down the line Here’s what he told me The Metal Gear Solid games explore politically complex and occasionally controversial themes in particular the questions of ends and means as relates to war To what extent are we seeing your own political views filtering through these narratives It’s not only about my political views but I really like movies I try to watch a movie a day if not more and through movies I learned about so many different political themes I hadn’t been interested in and cultural things I hadn’t been aware of and economic factors I hadn’t thought about So I think that entertainment goes beyond this In the case of films you can sit down for two hours and have a good laugh and say “Oh god that was funny” But for me at least my experience with movies has gone beyond that It’s brought to me things I wasn’t interested in or aware of Now I don’t think you see many games that have this same message one that goes beyond just being an entertainment medium I think that’s part of my role part of my duty to put in my games what I experience through movies to explore this philosophy that movies gave me I want to provide something similar to people through the games I create Konami The games also seem to have this interesting contrast between a general anti-violence or antiwar message — this notion that you’re trying in whatever limited way to save the world from itself — and the sort of physical violence you yourself perpetrate as you play Metal Gear Solid is for the most part an infiltration game You go somewhere you execute your mission then you go back Those are your actions as the player You choose what to do — things that question your morality and your values In the case of a movie in the end it’s a different character separate from you executing all these actions But in the game it depends on you It depends on your will to execute to do something to be violent or not So I do try to portray this I feel like this is something unique that I can portray this violence and then the user can experience the truth of what that kind of violence entails what elements people should have in their mind So yes it’s a kind of contradictory approach but I want people to understand the side effects the effects of violence through experiencing battles in the games For example the Metal Gear games have always had an anti-nuclear message So in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [the game Metal Gear Solid V follows chronologically] I tried to question why countries get nuclear weapons In Peace Walker there’s Costa Rica a country without an army The player creates an army to protect the country starts developing soldiers starts developing an army and with the rise of this third power in the world the rest of the world tries to attack and get rid of that power The player is thus placed in a situation where they can choose to acquire a nuclear weapon that’s been seen up to that point as completely wrong and bad The player is given that choice So at that point the player is put in a position where they’re having to weigh this concept of nuclear deterrence and avoiding war by having nuclear weapons and whether that’s something good or bad is completely up to them In the older Metal Gear games the violence was abstract because the visual technology was so much cruder In Metal Gear Solid V the engine’s now realistic enough that I’m wondering how you walk the line between realism and gratuitousness I’m not sure this will completely answer your question but it’s not about the engine it’s not about the graphical fidelity because I’m not trying to portray violence I’m trying to portray what is violence itself So the relationship with the graphics isn’t too strong I’m just trying to pose the question to the player through an interactive medium “What is violence” There are so many games where you fight aliens or zombies and they have very high-fidelity graphics but they don’t ask the question of why the events are happening In Metal Gear I’m trying to get at why all these violent things happened in the first place My intention is to get the player to question why these things are happening Konami On the flip side the Metal Gear Solid games have this quirky sense of humor like the realistically defecating horse in the demo or the knocked-out flying animals Where does that come from My games are rather stressful games where you have to play for a long time When you have to infiltrate you have this constant stress of “When am I going to be spotted” So there’s this constant tension And this is something similar to what Alfred Hitchcock did in his movies They were just too serious and too heavy for one person to go through the movie for hours So what he did in order to relieve that tension and stress was to add humorous elements I’m doing something similar in my games I know that no one would ever wear a box in war but I want to change the mood relieve the stress and tension and control a little bit the feelings of the player by letting them calm down and relax for a second and then continue through the mission Placing this stuff through the game strategically I think that it helps the player stay in the game for longer periods of time and helps me tell the very serious story I’m trying to relate After Metal Gear Solid 4 you said you were leaving the Metal Gear Solid series and yet here you are working on not just one but two games — one released one still to come — that comprise the fifth installment Why come back to it again Originally I wanted to hand the series off to younger staff and let them carry on with it And so we did and that resulted in the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance But after Rising we found that for my younger staff the numbered games were just too heavy for them So that’s why I decided to come back and work on them myself Ideally I’d want them to handle this and for myself to be focused on creating a different IP That said Metal Gear is a huge title it usually has a massive budget and that wouldn’t happen for any game So in a way I guess I’m taking advantage of that to try new things because every time I work on any game be it Metal Gear or something else I try to make new things So for me my challenge right now working on Metal Gear is while preserving the elements that make it Metal Gear to do all the new things I really want to do And this time — I’ll say it again — this is the last one Not the last Metal Gear but the last one I’ll work on This is my focus when I go into working on a game Every game I make I create thinking it’s really really going to be the last game I create So I put as much as I can in and make sure I have no regrets Konami What about gaming hasn’t changed over the past few decades I think that obviously the technology has evolved a lot from sound to graphics to gameplay And the content of the game what is really the essence of the game hasn’t moved much beyond Space Invaders It’s the same old thing that the bad guy comes and without further ado the player has to defeat him The content hasn’t changed — it’s kind of a void Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] (AYF) on Saturday advised President Goodluck Jonathan to sack all Service Chiefs for alleged incompetence and show of disservice to Nigerians following the postponement of the general elections.

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