The greasy sister where More and more dirty

it was former star, who in recent years have got what works on its star, often scraper;


it is the Internet, psoriasis small ads, content, publicity offensive it is Webpage Game advertising, a new way of brainwashing a kind of thought, a new transmission body, copy the development of extreme.



Webpage Game advertising is one of the most notable features, is to use all kinds of exaggerated words for the brothers, watch the adrenaline, let game player a hot head, join the game PK. In this one of the most representative, is Webpage Game ad brother Chi Chung Lam.


Chi Chung Lam never played "young" series of films, but relying on a Webpage Game ad, created a former star exhibition precedent, with hard Mandarin and a hengrou flaunt the brotherhood, people in the arena, pay attention to a "righteousness".


Na, Department’s brother, speak Mandarin well. No, the key to have a brother, a horse, the brother, what things are easy to get.


today you lend me ten dollars to buy recharge dragonslayer sword, I help you cut across the service for you back tomorrow! Good brothers, awesome



of course, the most representative of the brotherhood or the movie "young" series, so the "young" in nature is pheasant brother, Webpage Game favored vendors.



brothers Liangleichadao, not too much. I have chicken brother left Qinglong mountain, right white tiger, ox at the waist, "righteousness" written in the forehead. Tiger body shock, wangba gas side exposed, is an old Chinese practice, Hengdao immediately, brothers, do not hurry to cut me?




in order to let the game player to join the game, Webpage Game advertising seems to have never had the bottom line, which is kneeling licking, some commonly used means of advertising copy, perhaps earlier years secretive, is now in order to let the game player registration, recharge, even when the son, grandson.


champion Tyson bad enough, in Webpage Game ad also shouted "game player".


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