How to effectively use the site navigation to get traffic

first, let’s talk about what kind of navigation station can be successful. In the network environment, with the hao123 era has been greatly different, and the whole of the integrated navigation station has no chance to go beyond the hao123, only the industry segments, there is still a glimmer of hope for success, such as:

1, local navigation station, efforts to make the local industry navigation, suitable for large cities.

2, the navigation industry (such as: hotel tourism navigation, navigation, navigation school, hospital navigation)

3, age and specific groups of navigation (such as: 80 after the navigation, youth navigation, maternal and child navigation, student navigation,)

4, features navigation (such as: sex maniac navigation, T floor navigation, fun navigation, navigation, navigation, navigation, navigation, navigation, navigation),

so what should we do in order to get traffic from the navigation station? Online web site home and navigation station very much now, which also has a lot of achievements of small web site to do, the flow is also very high, especially those customers, most of the navigation station in order to get more traffic, have joined the [a] the recent visit, the main role of this function is that statistics can last IP antecedents, come from WHO website click, then put the site on the site who recommended the position of the first, because the first location of the web site will be a lot of people to click, so it is equal to the navigation station return the traffic to this site, this site is a traffic exchange platform, put on your site navigation station link to the navigation station to provide traffic, navigation station received from your website Click on the past after the IP double return flow to you. General to the navigation station a IP can get 3-5 IP, if it is a large flow of navigation station can bring a dozen IP. This navigation program is very common, but the function is indeed very few, if you need a friend can download the source code every day.

what is the origin and way of


from the source to the station every day click your traffic, call way from your station to the daily source of traffic is the higher the antecedents, antecedents, and the related classification in search result position is in the front, users see and click on the greater the chance. The program will automatically generate a page in 3-5 minutes, generated automatically when the 5 minutes have antecedents of website in the home gold position display first; at the same time every day when we generate station classification, similar sites and other places are top priority display antecedents of website. Find dozens of [with] the recent origin web site, for after their links to your web page below, click next to your every web site links, so you can make your website appear in various web site home page, so as to get traffic, if you add thirty web site, you can click on it again for 30 seconds, according to the 1:3 IP return ratio, you can get 90 IP. After a while to disconnect the broadband

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