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Abstract: the financing process is arduous, complex and full of self denial. In any case, this is the only way for almost all founders and startups.


editor’s note: the author of this article Geoff Ralston is the founder of the U.S. educational technology product incubator Imagine K12, a famous incubator Y Combinator partners and angel investors. We usually call the initial financing of start-up companies "seed money". In this brief guide, Geoff Y and Imagine Combinator according to the K12 work of VC company and suggestions, summarizes the matters needing attention in the founder of the seed round of financing and the basic knowledge. The hunting cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun) select compilation.

start-up companies need to purchase equipment, rent space, hire employees. More importantly, startups need to develop. All of this requires external financial support, so we began financing the road.

why financing

no risk investment most startups are over.

from the start to the company began to make a profit, the process of the funds needed to support the founders themselves and their friends and family is difficult to achieve. Startups are equivalent to companies that need to grow fast. Rapid development of the company is often given priority to the development of enterprises, followed by the realization of profitability, so almost all of the funds are used to maintain the development of. Few startups rely on a little bit of self financing to succeed, even if it is only a special case. Of course, there are some outstanding companies are not in the start-up companies, so this type of business capital management needs are not described in this guidance manual.

funds can not only support the survival and development of start-up companies, adequate funds in various areas have demonstrated a competitive advantage: hire core staff, public relations, marketing and sales, etc.. Therefore, many companies do not want to think about the need to finance.

on the one hand, there are a lot of investors willing to invest in a promising venture. On the one hand, the bad is that financing is cruel". Financing process is arduous, complex and full of self denial. In any case, this is the only way for almost all founders and startups. But when is the best time to finance


when to finance

when will investors be willing to pay for it?

when they think the idea is amazing, when they believe the entrepreneurial team has the ability to achieve their vision, and described the opportunity and possibility of real high. So, when the founders have a whole, compelling story to tell, they can start financing. And, once the financing is ripe, no delay.


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